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Baltimore artist Brian C Baker is a visionary painter, whose work focuses primarily on the surreal narratives of a mystical imagination. Just credits shy of aquiring a degree from Maryland Institute College of Art, Brian chose independently to pursue his own path in the fine arts as a reaction to the stifling enviornment and restrictions of certain instructors and their system of imposing control on creativity in general. Brian's work contains elements of fantastic realism, abstract expressionism, pop... more


My primary body of work is made up of dozens of larger than life scale canvases and boards painted with mixed media. Executed
in a personalized style of visionary realism, my compostions are influenced by a variety of ancient and modern art forms. Informed by
religious icons and archetypal figures from multi-cultural spiritual backgrounds, my images are inclusive of many saints, deities, and
other spirits of the sacred traditions.The theme most explored in my work is the interwoven unity of divine personalities and of the
union of souls with our maker. In my search for God, I found a complete freakshow within myself.


"Krishna"; this painting is a personal version of the Hindu trinity headed by Krishna (aka Vishnu), including Shiva and Brahma as one divine being holding Jesus Christ in a Pieta formation. Also in this painting are mystic beasts, aliens, God the Father and other demigods and goddesses hinting at the ultimate unity of various bizarre soulforms.

soulforms 2014-2016

The previous year or so has been an experimental time for me as an artist, my painter sensibility is still dominant in the work, however i have been exploring painted selves in the photography of Susan Reyes and Anna Camille Robbins, as well as repainting on my own images digitally printed on canvas. Collage as well as other digital manipulation is an ongoing technique being explored as well in this mixed media adventure.

  • wtf

    acrylic and mixed media on canvas
  • unicorns

    acrylic on giclee on canvas
  • pentacles

    white charcoal and acrylic on canvas

avatar eye

Avatar Eye is almost my largest piece at 8 by 15 ft, although its precise detail in drawing quality outdoes anything I've done on a bigger scale. I employ my ability as a draftsman and water-colorist to create the illusion of photo-realistic imagery... in this case the image of God, or at least the self portrait "made in the image of God": Avatar I. Of course this is a philosophical overstatement not unlike calling oneself genius, however; my ideas are not mere symbols, but a living testament of experience. Here depicted, are the realization of the divine within myself as a descent of the divine embodied, surrounded by consort/muse, the angel of revelation, and a monsterous pillar of divine/demonic parodox; pan and ganesha. Above me is the symbolic Great Spirit, or the Garuda. Yes, my personal path is complex, eclectic, and highly unique. Avatar Eye is perhaps my most ambitous self portrait, both in ideology, and in technique.

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