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Prospect Avenue, The Bronx, New York
The Lee brothers make friends and enemies with the boys of Concourse Village and the girls of Morrisania Manor as they all try desperately to find steady footing in their new way of life.

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Friends and Enemies, The Bronx, new way of life
Thrust into survival mode the boys must decide a path for their lives with only the morals instilled by their deceased parents and the street knowledge they are quickly gaining. Their bond is constantly tested as they transition from boys to men.


After the murder of their parents and younger sister, Silk, Satin, and Suede Lee are first taken in by their cruel aunt and uncle, then shipped off to Concourse Village, a state-owned facility for boys.

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murder, boys to men, The Bronx
Separately they have experienced unspeakable tragedies, but together, they learn what it means to be a family. 1380 Prospect Avenue is not another Bronx Tale, but a remarkable tale of life-long connections forged by the tough love of "da streets."


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Baltimore County

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Blaque Diamond is rare Diamond. Her composition sets her apart from other writers, and from other authors of all kinds. Her books, “She Named Me Stacey,” “A Temporary Home for Stacey,” “Stacey F. My Forever Mommy,” and “The Stacey F. Coloring and Activity Book.” Have garnered Diamonds nd with several awards including the 2017 Indie Author Legacy Award Community Champion Legendary Honoree. Her mission is to support individuals and families as they journey through Foster care, Adoption, and... more

1380 Prospect Avenue "Not Another Bronx Tale"

Children are placed in the foster care system for a number of reasons, not all which revolve around drug addicted parents. 1380 Prospect Avenue "Not Another Bronx Tale" shows how children end up in foster care and gives insight into how children are typically adopted and what usually happens when children get past a certain age. 

She Named Me Stacey

In this wonderful children’s book, “She Named Me Stacey” the author offers a vivid representation of both timely and well-informed decisions that are made in the best interest of the child, Diamond shows how the mother's decision can impact her child’s life as well as the life of others.

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    In this wonderful children’s book, readers are offered a vivid representation of both timely and well-informed decisions made in the best interest of Stacey.
    The first in the series of Blaque Diamond's children’s books, “She Named Me Stacey.” Diamond details few of life’s realities, this book will surely give readers a unique reading experience and a better understanding of a motherhard to make choices.

A Temporary Home for Stacey

A Book about a Child's Journey Through Foster care

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    This book has more successes and challenges and lesson-filled occurrences to share with foster parents, adoptive parents, and anyone wishing to parent.
    With all the social workers, lawyers and doctors involved in Stacey’s journey, the second in the series of children’s books “A Temporary Home for Stacey.” will open your eyes to the realities of life for every foster child to have one single, stable foster care placement.

Stacey F. My Forever Mommy

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    With the help of others Stacey discovers all along she has a ma, a mom, and a mommy.
    The third in the series tells the story of Stacey as she transitions between a temporary family and a forever family. Stacey’s transition is an affirmation for permanency as she realizes the hardest lessons in life is letting go and loving unconditionally.

Stacey F Coloring and Activity Book

Stacey F Coloring and Activity Book is fo kids and kids at heart. Its a tool for social workers and foster parents to use for hard to engage chidlren in the foster care system. 

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