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Self Portrait

oil on paper, 10x7"


About Bill

Bill Tamburrino is a native Baltimorean, and has been painting for nearly 40 years.  He has an undergraduate degree from the Johns Hopkins University, and studied painting at the Maryland Institute, College of Art.  He has displayed his work in a variety of venues, both public and private.  These include many local exhibitions, as well as several national and international shows.  His work is in collections in the United States, England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.... more

Landscapes of Baltimore

As a resident of Baltimore, it is inevitable that many of my landscape paintings will be of this place. I am fortunate that this area offers such a diverse set of subjects, from the rugged industrial zones, to the waterfront, to the pastoral hinterland.


I have had the opportunity to visit Italy several times. As a painter I am drawn to its diverse landscapes, including its rugged mountains, its marvelous coastlines, and its abundance of ruins.

Figures in Interiors

Figures in Interiors


As a landscape painter I am often drawn to city- or town-scapes. My travels have allowed me to work in a number of places, from Toronto, to San Francisco, to a rural village in Brittany, France.

The American West

I have had several opportunities to travel through western parts of the United States and to paint their many unique landscapes. These are often overwhelming in scale and challenging to translate into paintings.

Museum Collections

I have been studying work varied in time and geography. I expressed this initially by painting representations of ancient Roman sculpture and the frescoes of renaissance Italy. More recently I also became fascinated with images of India, the Far East and ancient America. Eventually the paintings of sculpture grew into more complex original arrangements composed in multi-media, including photo-manipulated images from varied cultures.

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