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Baltimore City

Beau Vasseur is a new media artist living and working in Baltimore MD who likes to talk to electronics about their feelings.

Remembering Las Vegas

The film 'Remembering Las Vegas' is inspired by Las Vegas’ dumbed-down architectural representations of former superpowers throughout the history of the world. These representations capture a time before the United States became openly insecure about its ranking in the world. In the 2016 presidential election we saw ‘Make America Great Again’ surface as a campaign slogan. Simultaneously, simulations of former ‘great’ nations drew in money faster than the U.S. mint could print it.

'Remembering Las Vegas' is an exploratory film looking back on Las Vegas after it’s been destroyed by an earthquake. By merging a travel spot, with a conspiracy documentary, the piece attempts to unearth Las Vegas’ dark past through interviews and found footage before being sucked into a film with a mind of its own. Imagery of real-life military simulations in the middle of the desert become paired with telephone interviews regarding hotel-casino experiences, while visuals from a YouTube ad depicting the world’s tallest thrill ride becomes paired with radio spots concerning Las Vegas suicide statistics.

The film is currently being produced.


    'Remembering Las Vegas' blurs boundaries between reality and fantasy by exploring Las Vegas after its destruction in an earthquake. Set in 2017, the film produced in the style of a conspiracy film looks back at Las Vegas’ dark past before falling apart into a mishmash of various media .


MMXXIV is a site specific installation proposing material for the Los Angeles 2024 olympic bid. The proposal is made up of a series of assumptions based on past US opening ceremonies and Super Bowl Halftime shows.

A wall mounted video recontextualizes past American productions in ways that showcase a society willing to advertise patriotism through military might, Neoclassical architecture, and celebrity pride.
As a multimedia installation, the project reveals artifacts from the recent past, present, and not too distant future that augment the dystopian moving image work.
By using the Olympics as a subject, I hope to shed light on the flaws associated with what it means to be a relevant and powerful society. This is to be used as a superficial catalyst to segue into the popular notion that ‘America isn’t great anymore.’

Produced in collaboration with James Bouche and exhibited at 'No Vacancy' at Squat Gallery in Brooklyn NY.

Into the Blue

Into the Blue is a monument to the defection of the wealthiest individuals from the United States. The installation is a funeral for them and all that they provided, and a big ‘Fuck You’ to and from everyone left behind. A looping player piano and various pieces advertising the seasteading ideology depict a promising future ahead.
The installation showcases the death of contemporary America, on the set of a commercial for the bright future lives of the rich and famous.

'Into the Blue' at Terrault Contemporary in Baltimore, MD.

Never Look Back

Never Look Back as an installation proposes what a ‘Last Blast’ party of those rich enough to defect from the United States to international waters might look like. Inspired by convention displays and hotel interior design, the piece is an interactive set poking fun at the loss of an elite secret society.

'Never Look Back' at Big Law Country Club in Brooklyn, NY.

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