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Commission of a stained glass mosaic fireplace insert.

cropped Med-Chi.jpg

Commission of the facade of the Med-Chi building in Baltimore, in stained glass mosaic.

LJ's birthday gift 2013.JPG

I made this freeform peyote necklace as a commission from a friend for his wife's birthday present. This type of beadwork is done with Fireline, a very fine fishline, on a needle, and has no pre-conceived plan. It just grows.

closeup of peony.jpg

Peony done in a painterly stained glass mosaic style.


About Barbara

Baltimore County

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Barbara Svoboda Resident of Catonsville Taught art for 33 years in elementary schools in Anne Arundel County. Have taken mosaic classes with Isaiah Zagar, Susan Crocenzi, Gila Rayberg, Rick Shelly, Bonnie Fitzgerald, Yulia Hanansen. Teach mosaics in my home studio. I also teach jewelry classes through the Baltimore Bead Society. Have had a number of commissions, and have shown work at the Creative Alliance, the Howard County Center for the Arts, Agape Gallery at Salem Lutheran, and Perspectives... more

Smaltimore Series

A couple of years ago I started a series of Baltimore-related projects, incorporating both polymer clay and mosaics of various kinds, including tempered glass mosaic. Since then I have continued to create more "Smaltimore" pieces, due to popular demand!

Jewelry: Beaded Ropes

Using a needle and fireline with seed beads, these necklaces are made using a variety of stitches, such as Tubular Peyote, Russian Spiral, Dutch Spiral, etc.

Pique Assiette Mirrors with China Figures

I acquired a ring saw, which enables me to saw china. This opened doors for me, in that I could include 3-D figures in hanging mosaics by sawing the backs flat.

Painterly stained glass mosaics

I took a class with master mosaicist Yulia Hanansan, and made several mosaics in her style.


Works that clients have commissioned me to do .

  • Mary Ann and mirror 2.jpeg

    mosaic, stained glass, mirror
    Stained glass mosaic mirror commissioned by neighbor for their home.
  • IMG_20160922_141243.jpg

    stained glass, mosaic, sun, fire
    A stained glass mosaic commissioned by some friends for a fireplace insert.
  • IMG_20170319_151655.jpg

    mosaic, pique assiette, wedding
    Pique assiette mosaic made with family china pieces for a client. It hangs in her kitchen.
  • IMG_20160327_140215.jpg

    mosaic, stained glass, leaves
    Mosaic table for the deck of some friends in Philly. My first commission.
  • IMG_20170320_171324.jpg

    architecture, stained glass, mosaic
    A commission from a friend who was retiring from Med-Chi, and wanted a mosaic of the facade of the building to be the gift from her colleagues. It was the hardest mosaic ever, since I had to cut each tiny brick and arrange them in the requisite pattern.