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Work Samples


Oil on panel, 2018


10" x 15", Oil on Panel


8" x 8" gouache, Boulder Creek, California

Garrowhill Park

Garrowhill Park, Glasgow, UK
Garrowhill Park, Glasgow Where EVERYONE has a dog


About Barbara Epstein Barbara Epstein Gruber's paintings and drawings are about light, color, air, touch and the experience of painting. They are painted directly from life, and they are about looking, about the particular vibration that occurs when one specific color is placed next to another. They speak to the abstract nature of vision, the way our eyes see in pieces of color and shape. Ms. Gruber studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art where she earned her BFA in... more

Seasons and Beaches

  • Centerport Lone Kayak

    Centerport Beach, New York. Oil on Paper Panel 14 x 20, A lone kayaker takes advantage of a perfect evening.
  • Centerport Kayakkers

    Centerport Kayakkers, 22 x 26, Oil on Paper on Panel
  • Centerport Beach Chairs

    Centerport Beach Chairs Oil on Canvas, 24 x 26
  • Ferris Wheel

    Oil on Canvas, 36 x 36
  • Beach Study Ocean City

    Oil on paper, 22 x 30 There are a ton of these unfinished paintings.I like the air in this one, and the feeling of it. I use them sometimes to work on studio paintings (the painting of my mother in front of the Ferris wheel was done from studies). Sometimes I go back and work on them. But, if that happens, it's with the understanding that the whole thing can change - and that's fine. What's the worst that can happen? I do a bad painting. And I have to paint another one.
  • Monkton Winter

    24x24, oiloncanvas
  • Snow and Daffodil

    Oil on Canvas, 24 x 24, Snowy day with a daffodil in the window. The shadows were so beautiful in the snow! I forget how beautiful winter is until it comes again each year.
  • Pasadena Marina Reflections

    Bue Boat in a yellow and white reflection, Pleasant Cove Marina
  • Park Height House

    7 x 7, Oil on Panel
  • Mr Price's Farm

    42" x 42" oil on canvas

Flowers and Fields

In and Around Town, Baltimore and Maryland

Paintings, large and small

East Coast

  • Maine Water DSC0142.JPG

    Maine, summer 2017. Gouache on paper, 9 x 12. Spectacular clouds and beach. Workboats in the harbor. Those rocks you see? They weren't visible when I started. By the time the painting was done they were 8 feet tall, and the water was gone. Extreme tides make painting....challenging.
  • Grandpa in Trunks

    12" x 12", Oil on Canvas
  • Salisbury beach_E8060.JPG

    A VERY windy day at Salisbury beach, Massachusetts. Even the New Englanders left. But the clouds, and the waves were stunning. 18 x 24, oil on paper on panel
  • Ocean City

    19x23, Oil on Muslin Panel
  • Folly Beach

    16 x 20, Oil on Panel
  • Centerport Clouds

    24 x 24, Oil on Canvas
  • Salisbury Beach

    10 x 10, Oil on Canvas
  • Sunset, Early Spring

    Sunset, Early Spring, Oil on Canvas, 30 x 30, University of Maryland, Howard Co
  • Amesbury Beach

    12 x 16, Oil on Panel
  • Tybee Island

    Oil on Board Tybee Island, Georgia

What I did on My Summer Vacation..and winter.

Out and About


People and Places

Oh! And dogs.

  • Glasgow Street and Clouds

    Glasgow Clouds, Gouache on paper, 9 x 12 It rains every day in Glasgow in summer. And every day the clouds do this.
  • Heigold Facade Louisville

    Oil on paper, 9 x 12, Heigold House facade on Frankfort Avenue and River Road in Louisville
  • NationalCathedral

    8" x 8" Gouache
  • Abby and Jeff 2017.JPG

    A & J, 24 x 30, Oil on Canvas, A & J are partners in an organic farm in Maine.
  • Laman

    Dr Laman Gray I hope this can convey the humanity and compassion embodied in this man. Oil on Canvas
  • Phyllis

    26 x 40, Oil on panel
  • Selfie

    No, I am not angry. It's squinting.
  • Kim's Westie

    24 x 36, Oil on Canvas

Drawings and Gouache

Drawing, gouaches, ink wash, watercolor

  • Scotland Yard

    My son and daughter-in- law moved to Scotland a while back. They TOOK MY GRANDDAUGHTER with them and left me the cat. The cat was lovely, but did not speak as well as the granddaughter (who is now fluent in Glaswegian), and she found a home with a loving student. (The cat, not the granddaughter. The granddaughter is still with her Mum and Dad.) Anyway, this is their yard. It is in Scotland. Scotland Yard. (I know. I KNOW...) Gouache on paper, 6 x 6
  • George Square

    George Square, Glasgow, Ink Wash, 6 x 6 If you wait for a sunny day to paint in Glasgow, you will wait for a very longtime. It's like Portland. Everybody just walks around in it. They just sort of blink it off.
  • George Square Gouache

    Gouache on Paper, 6 x 6, George Square, Glasgow
  • Glasgow Park, Summer

    6 x 6, ink wash on paper, Park in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Turkey Roost Road

    29x40,charcoal on rives bfk
  • Cleveland Gouache.jpg

    Cleveland Beach, Gouache on paper, 6 x 12
  • Man in a Suit

    Ink wash, 12 x 10
  • Robed Woman

    Ink Wash, 12 x 10,
  • Studio Nude

    Studio Nude, In wash, 12 x 10

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