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About Arianne

I was born and raised in Baltimore. Most of my roots are laid deep in the concrete. I've never really been outside the state or even out of country. Really, I've been struggling to make ends meet most of my life some days not eating. But I found many people living in Baltimore have had it the same way. Now I don't have a huge sob story, I know others have had it worse. But I do know the definition of pain and suffering. I also know the definition of inadequacy and self loathing. Fear is a funny thing,... more

Archangel Michael

Pencil, Pen, and Markers

To show my range, I wanted to add my illustrations. Here we have the Archangel Michael from Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths. He is the Protector of God's children and is referred to as being a Princely Angel. His colors are royal blue and royal purple which is why I chose to dress him with these hues. Also he carries a fiery sword ready for battle against the forces of evil.

Archangel Raphael

Pencil, Pen, and Marker

Another illustration. The Archangel Raphael has a few responsibilities. He is the Archangel of healing, science, creativity, and also helps those longing for a soul mate find each other. He deals strongly with the heart chakra (the energy center of the heart in Hinduism) which is another reason he places his hand on his heart and carries an healers rod with stones that symbolize all the seven chakras. I also gave him six Seraph wings colored with purple, green, and gold which represents justice, faith, and power. He's robbed in pink and green the two colors associated with the heart chakra and an emerald on his undershirt to represent his associated stone aligned with his energy.

The Arm-adillo

Clay sculpture with acrylic paint

This is a creature inspired by Egyptian Mythology where the Gods had human ligaments and animal heads. As you can see from my one picture me in the background shows the large scale I worked with. I tried to make the Arm-adillo's fingers to resemble claws and treated the scales like lace decorated with gold and copper lining.

The Arm-adillo likes to crawl around in the trees and rest in the shade... but please, don't scare him. He has a very timid nature.

Universal Law

Oil Paint on Canvas

The name of this piece symbolizes the Universal three fold law, which states, whatever you send out to the universe will come back to you 3x3x3. It is from peoples complete disregard for life, in all it's forms, that the negative energy sent out into the universe is coming back to haunt us. This is a message to humanity that we are not they only ones in the universe for nature takes care of itself, always.

The Birds and Her

Oil Paint on Canvas

Humans have an invasive nature. A young girl wonders into the woods and comes across a pair of wings. Before hand humans could not fly, but the fatalistic stares from the birds protected by the tree tops over head predict an ominous future for those of the sky.


Water-based Clay and Watercolor

The oddest looking symbol of the Zodiac. A Chimera that is part goat and part fish. Its' element is Earth, but as shown in the sculpture where his hoofs dig roots into the ground, yet it has the ability to take to the seas.

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