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Excerpt from Out of Step: A Memoir

The author reads "Cedant Arma Togae" an essay included in Out of Step: A Memoir. Recorded for Humanities Conncection, a product of Maryland Humanities Council and WYPR.

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An Excerpt from Out of Step: A Memoir. Published in March 2019 in the Baltimore Beat

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"You Cannot Save Here" by Anthony Moll for VOICEMAIL POEMS

The poet reads "You Cannot Save Here," a poem included in the manuscript of the same name, for Voicemail Poems, an online magazine and podcast that highlights the intimate and raw voices of new and established writers of all styles.

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Another "You Cannot Save Here" poem including in the manuscript in progress. This one published by Hobart Literary Journal in September 2019.

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About Anthony

Baltimore City

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Anthony Moll is a Queer writer and educator.  Their debut memoir, Out of Step, won a Lambda Literary Award in 2019 and the 2017 Non/Fiction Prize. It is available now from The Ohio State University Press. Out of Step was also included on the 2019 Over the Rainbow List, the annual bibliography of notable LGBTQ+ titles from the America Library Association. Anthony's most recent book is You Cannot Save Here, which won the 2022 Jean Feldman Poetry Prize from the Washington Writers' Publishing... more

Out of Step: A Memoir

  • Winner of the 2019 Lambda Literary Award
  • Listed on the 2019 Over the Rainbow List, the annual bibliography of notable LGBTQ+ titles from the America Library Association
  • Winner of the 2017 Non/Fiction Prize Award from The Journal and The Ohio State University Press

What makes a pink-haired queer raise his hand to enlist in the military just as the nation is charging into war? In his memoir, Out of Step, Anthony Moll tells the story of a working-class bisexual boy running off to join the army in the midst of two wars and the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” era.  Set against the backdrop of hypermasculinity and sexual secrecy, Moll weaves a queer coming-of-age story.

Out of Step traces Moll’s development through his military service, recounting how the army both breaks and builds relationships, and what it was like to explore his queer identity while also coming to terms with his role in the nation’s ugly foreign policy. From a punk, nerdy, left-leaning, poor boy in Nevada leaving home for the first time to an adult returning to civilian life and forced to address a world more complicated than he was raised to believe, Moll’s journey isn’t a classic flag-waving memoir or war story—it’s a tale of finding one’s identity in the face of war and changing ideals.

Praise for Out of Step:

Out of Step is not just Moll’s memoir; it is a loving and empathetic portrayal of those around him, paying explicit attention to the vulnerable, the outcast and the misunderstood.” —Times Literary Supplement

Out of Step is the story of a young man trying to find his place in the disparate worlds of American military and civilian life. . . . Moll’s take is thoughtful and fair, both critical of the military while recognizing how it built him.” —Shelf Awareness

“Moll’s evocation of his army life is deadly serious yet always insightful as he questions himself and, finally, tells the truth he discovers.” —Booklist

“Filled with raw emotion, wry humor, and unselfconscious reflection, the story conveys Moll’s unwavering sense of self in a refreshing, inspiring way. The peace he’s made with himself, in spite of and even because of his unconventional choice to enlist, is a compelling invitation to all, no matter their sexual identity. Out of Step is a personal story whose impact is far reaching and life affirming.” —Foreword Reviews

“Out of Step is a wonderfully compelling, generous, artfully told memoir.” —Michael Kardos

“Moll has a gift for crafting brilliant sentences and has created the type of contemporary memoir that reminds me of why I can’t live without writing. I highly recommend.” — D. Watkins, New York Times best-selling author of The Beast Side and The Cook Up

  • Out of Step: A Memoir

    The cover of the book: Out of Step, A Memoir.  Two rows of combat boots, all black except on pair that is purple. Olive drag backgroud.
    Out of Step: A Memoir won the 2019 Lambda Literary Award and the 2017 Non/Fiction Prize. Excerpts from Out of Step have been shared at KPBS, WYPR, The Journal, and Baltimore Beat:

Lit!Pop!Bang! Podcast

This literary podcast is a monthly exploration of books, writing and popular culture. Each month me and my co-host interview writers, editors and educators from both the local and national scene to discuss their work, what their watching, the news they pay attention to and the books on their shelves. We pride ourselves on a lineup that celebrates the diversity of contemporary writers and readers, as well as our commitment to giving the same platform to both local writers (like Baltimore's Youth Poets Laureate) and national writers alike.

The podcast is about to launch its third season, and it has already made a big splash. We've hosted celebrated writers, including Michelle Tea, Elizabeth Acevedo, Chen Chen, Malka Older and more. We've also recorded in front of audiences at the Baltimore Book Festival, DC OutWrite and (as of April 2020) the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP). 

Catch us at:
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You Cannot Save Here: Poems

  • A selection of this work was recogized with the Adele V. Holden prize for New Voices in 2018.
  • A selection from this work was recognized with the Adele V. Holden Prize for Creative Excellence in 2019.
  • A poem from this collection, NGC 7365," was selected as the winner of the 2018 Knott Poetry Prize from Clarion Magazine.

You Cannot Save Here is a manuscript in progress for a collection of poems about identity, intimacy and the end of the world.

Using apocalyptic imagery and language from across a variety of media -- literature, film, television, video games, news media, climate science and religious texts-- these poems try to make sense of the small moments of personal and interpersonal consequence in a present where climate disaster, endless war, political turmoil, state-sanctioned violence and more  feel inescapable. The poems are ecological, political, personal, speculative, confessional and more. They imagine an end of the world just on the horizon, an end that is already here, and an end that can be averted.

The manuscript is being developed as a creative dissertation for a PhD in English at Morgan State University and for publication as a poetry collection. Individual poems from this collection have already appeared in Hobart, Voicemail Poems and Cartridge Lit, and more have been accepted for publication and are forthcoming in Poet Lore and Glitter + Ashes: Queer Tales of a World That Wouldn't Die.

Little Patuxent Review, Issue 25

Little Patuxent Review (LPR) is a journal of literature and the arts, publishing poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction and artwork. LPR welcomes most US-based contributors and prides itself on supporting both up-and-coming and well-established artists and writers. LPR reflects and draws upon the creativity and diversity of the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond by promoting the literary and visual arts in print and throughout the region’s community and educational venues.

For issue 25, Editor Steven Leyva invited me to act as a special guest editor for the issue. In doing so, he invited me to curate a folio of work from LGBTQ+ writers from Maryland, and to preside over the editorial choices in the rest of the issue. My aim for both sections was to build an issue that highlighted a diversity of styles and expereinces, and with the help of brilliant writers and expert editors, I believe issue 25 does just that.

The issue can be purchased and previewed here:
The launch reading can be viewed on LPR's YouTube channel:

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