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About Ania M

Ania Milo emerged onto the art scene in early 2010 and making her own unique style of art with her passionate, expressive and raw energy, she quickly found many admirers of her work. Anias art is transformative as she uses her own multifaceted emotions to create works that reach to the depths of the souls of those who view them. Since 2010, Ania has exhibited in numerous galleries, shows and festivals. Her originals and reproductions are available through many artist websites and her paintings are... more


As I draw or paint, I not only see color and movement, I also see words.
Many of my paintings are accompanied by poems that were inspired by my paintings.
I also have several poems which do not belong with any paintings, at least not yet!

  • An Ending

    Poem written to accompany a painting with the same title - An Ending. Both created around the same time.
    PDF icon An Ending

Ascending Through the Darkness

Paintings in this collection are my earliest artwork. I created them before I even knew that I was an artist..... What I mean is that on one had seen these except me. They were in my closet for a long time until a friend convinced me to show them to a gallery curator, and that, as they say, is history...... I had my first gallery exhibit with the first 19 paintings at the Tai Sophia Institute’s Himmelfarb Gallery in December of 2010.

The collection of work that appear in this project is a passionate representation of my journey through emotional and physical healing and the exploration of my Inner Self. These paintings depict powerful and complex emotions brought forth by my intensive and extensive reflection on difficult past experiences and the healing process that occurred as a result.
This collection evokes strong reactions from the viewer with the use of rich and brilliant colors and movement within the images. The paintings invite viewers to come face to face with themselves and to embrace their own inner struggles.

My New Universe

This collection depicts paintings created during a year of great transition.

Pet Portraits

This collection is my guilty pleasure... I love animals, especially dogs and painted one just because.... and once I started, I couldn't stop! ;-)

  • Puggle

    16 x 20 Acrylic on canvas; 2013
  • Fuzy Bear

    Pekingese Dog Portrait, 2010 14 x 17, oil pastels on vellum
  • Sam

    Rottweiler Dog Portrait, 2010 14 x 17, oil pastels & acrylics on vellum
  • Millie

    16 x 20 Acrylic on canvas; 2013
  • Oscer the Boxer

    Acrylics on Canvas 28x30
  • Dino the Frenchie

    Acrylics on Canvas 28 x 34
  • Niko

    16 x 20 Acrylic on canvas; 2015
  • Rorie the Red King

    30 x 40 Oil on Canvas; 2015
  • Bowser

    11 x14 Acrylic on canvas; 2015
  • Dusty

    Acrylic on canvas 12 x12, 2015


The Artwork represented in this project depicts my growth as an artist and as an individual. As I explore more and more my artistic talent, I am learning more about myself, my art and the world around me.

Energy of Color

“The Energy of Color” is a collection of 12 paintings created to reveal the energy of each of the colors represented. Color is light energy. Energy is stored in light. Each color found in the visible light spectrum has its own wavelength and its own frequency, which produces a specific energy and has a nutritive effect.
Color precedes words and antedates civilization, connected as it is to the limbic system of the brain. It is both a subjective experience and an objective feature of the world — both energy and entity. Color is tied to emotions as well as being a physical reality. The intellectual left side of the brain becomes stymied when attempting to describe the experience of color.
From the atmospheric phenomenon of rainbows to the structure of the atom, from the art is t’s palette to the multihued clothes we wear, color is a key that reflects our physical, emotional, and spiritual world.
What is the Color of Your Energy?

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