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Anne Arundel County

I am a found object assemblage artist. I have been doing this since 2007. I was initially a photographer, achieving my Bachelor's in Fine Art at The University of New Mexico. Always enjoying multiple techniques and mediums, I find assemblage and collage the perfect discipline for my artistic expression. My work speaks quietly through symbolism and suggestion. I am currently Chair of MD Federation of Art's Bi Annual National Exhibit Eye of The Beholder: The Fine Art of The Found Object.

Spiritual Suggestion

These pieces allude to faith and devotion

  • Oblation to An Unknown Saint

    Rectangular antique box 6"H X 3"W X 2"D Paper photograph, dried rosebuds, foil wings A tribute to all the people whose miracles and commitment to good go unnoticed.
  • The Bishop's Obsession

    A open backed box frame. Pearls on edge refer to clerical cassock of a bishop. The front includes a statue head, dried roses, lace and excelsior packing material. Verso(not shown)refers to the more worldly interests of the bishop, including a golf ball and jewelry.
  • The Offering

    A wooden shadow box with glass front. 8 X 8 X 2 inches. Includes imagery, broken pottery, marbles, spinner hand, jewelry piece, yarn. A child wishes to be pleasing, offering some favorite things, but the child is the offering in actuality.
  • Forgiveness

    Small wooden box 3.5"H X 2.75"W X .5"D Includes a images of children's blocks, a prayer card, beads, wood dowels, a decorative brad, a piece of a bracelet. The wooden dowels represent memorials. The toy block imagery indicates innocence. The saint holds the Christ child in reassurance.
  • The Inner Workings of The Universe

    Box 6X6X2 inches Includes watch and clock parts, imagery, jewelry parts, blocks, beads. The vastness of the Universe is impossible to comprehend. In our feeble attempt to make sense of it, we use all sorts of approaches from math and science to religion.
  • Covenant

    Shadow box with glass front 11 X 11 X 2 inches A pact is made between Heaven and Earth. The Angels watch in support, adoration and hope. Can the agreement be kept?
  • The Hours

    A wooden box lid 3.5 X 3.5 X .5 inches Includes imagery foil embellishments, jewelry parts, clock hand. A meditation on the source of peace. Prayer.

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Children point the way to redemption before they become polluted by bad influences. The innocence of a child is precious.

  • Of Reach of Children: A Cautionary Tale

    Wood box 3 X 3 X 2 inches "A Cautionary Tale" from warnings ("Keep out of reach of children")on various items and substances. The effort to protect children is feeble at best. The "reach" of children is a mystery.
  • Printemps

    Wooden box lid 8.25 X 4.75 X .5 inches Includes a metal button, paper cut-outs, small light bulbs, transparencies, imagery A simple ode to the delicate nature of life and innocence.
  • And A Little Child Shall Lead Them

    Shadowbox 8 X 6 X 2.5 inches with glass front Homage to Joseph Cornell Includes a bantam chicken egg, plaster figure, a feather, imagery, lace chip board, wood block
  • Rose Reliquary

    Mexican tin window box 8 X 4.5 X .75 inches Includes antique photograph, charcoal, iron pyrite, toys, beads, dried rosebud A reliquary enshrining the memory of innocence.

Vincent's Muse

A tribute to Vincent Van Gogh was an early goal of mine. I love his work and am fascinated by his life.

  • Vincent's Muse

    Wooden box 6.5 X 6.5 X 2 inches with glass front Includes tree bark knothole, acorn, figurine, pot shard, miniature pitcher, imagery. The tragic life of Van Gogh haunts me. He referred to himself as a "broken pitcher". I have attempted to evoke a Dutch interior here, with a broken pitcher on a shelf. There is beauty in the brokenness.

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