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Mountain Range

Safe place
Mountain Range. 24x30 This is a painting that describes the meaning of a get away with really leaving


This painting represent the meaning of sweetness and only one can be.

Happy Dog

Playful Dog

Ellicott City Bridge

Ellicott city
Walking Ellicott City


About Angela

Baltimore County

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Angela Hall is a native of the D.M.V since the age of 7.Her talent of art was followed by the inspiration of her father knowledge of art hobbies.This influenced her to learn and create her own image. As being a self taught artist Angela's painting defines her acrylic paintings of landscape, portraits and more She worked on variety of creative art projects, around selected D.C & M.D areas since 2000.Being an single mom of 2 lovely daughter's Ivana and Vanessa their inspiration grew mirrors of... more

Palmetto Life

Quality of life appreciating a beautiful day in the country side.My favorite Carolina past time viewing the beautiful land.It's beautiful place most of all it wonderful space.From the natural landscapes to the world-rebuilding The old generation to the younger family tree life at it's best remembering that Palemetto trees.The arts has been home to an array of noteworthy& styles in the literary and performing arts.Since 1919 life was giving and shared throughout the lands of the roads and fields of the heart ,this is an creation of an new beginning Palmetto tree.


A place were you can escape and be yourself........​


In what's going on in the world today my feelings of this became positive but a true statement that the world is changing.In a way that you really wouldn't understand unless you stood still an look at this painting.
Armageddon,this was made in 2000 but is showing its real colors in 2021 crazy I think not.