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Hi, this bio of  my art is a sight in which I hope you'll enjoy and feel the greatness in which I love too do. The technique you've may seen before.But the first time for me.Am a acrylic painter that lives in Randallstown,MD. Grew up by the banks of Mrytle Beach,S.C. Through my life I've always been fascinated with my surrounding through life of paint brushes and art.Picturesque landscape, and flowers, musical instruments. In tending to my art this brought... more

Palmetto Life

Quality of life appreciating a beautiful day in the country side.My favorite Carolina past time viewing the beautiful land.It's beautiful place most of all it wonderful space.From the natural landscapes to the world-rebuilding The old generation to the younger family tree life at it's best remembering that Palemetto trees.The arts has been home to an array of noteworthy& styles in the literary and performing arts.Since 1919 life was giving and shared throughout the lands of the roads and fields of the heart ,this is an creation of an new beginning Palmetto tree.


A place were you can escape and be yourself........‚Äč