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Developing my career as a professional photographer through learning and experience. Recently started taking classes at Maryland Institute of Art. Always been fascinated by images that have a story behind and leave you with some emotions, thoughts. I like to imagine, sometimes music or story inspires me to create an image and the story. Love being independent and living an adventurous life with full of surprises as well following my passion in art. I follows my creative spirit to capture the world... more

Requiescant in pace

Silence..........Peace..........Hope........ There is always a quiet place in the busy city, place without a presence of time, place with hope, place where past connect with the future, place where fatigued found a place to step down for a moment. There is no presence of time...... awaiting for a loud voice to wake up. Cemetery come from a Greek word κοιμηÏ?ήριον which means sleeping place where tired souls laying down for rest until......

Timeless Tango

Passion, Beauty, Love......... first few words that come to mind when you think about Tango. It takes two to tango, two people in harmony with each move shaped by passion, sharing souls in unity and desire.

Plaza Dorrego, San Telmo Buenos Aires, Argentina, once upon a time at the sunny afternoon........

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