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Work Samples

Pink Painting

Pink Painting
Acrylic on Canvas 6'x8'

The Tobacco Pipe

The Tobacco Pipe
Oil on Canvas 16"x20"

A Midday Rest

A Midday Rest
Charcoal on Canvas 22"x30"

3 Objects

3 Objects
Oil on Canvas 12"x16"


About Andrew

Baltimore County

I am an artist from Baltimore with a BFA in Painting and an MFA in Community Art from the Maryland Institute College of Art.  I have collaborated with artists and musicians from Baltimore and throughout the United States.  I have taught as an adjunct professor at the Community College of Baltimore County, Essex Campus from 2015-2017. 

Abstract Paintings: Creating Conversations, Dreams and Prayer

While I am making these paintings, I am between a state of dreaming and prayer. I reach a place where my unconscious mind and imagination are freed, so that I am able to create my own visual experience. These paintings are primarily abstract, but often contain plantlike or somatic forms that maintain the feeling of a landscape. These natural forms are easy to relate to and they set the stage for the intimate experience I want to create. I saturate the painting with information so that one has to slow down to take it in. I challenge the viewers’ perspectives on landscape and suggest a new and astonishing kind of beauty. Viewers can wander around in these paintings, and be transported by the power of their imagination combined with mine. I would like to convey something of the meditative experience I have while making them. I want people to feel that they are part of a creative progression and that the universe and ultimately their own selves are full of profound beauty.

Satie Paintings

In the spring of 2017, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Peabody alumnus and vocalist Carol Cannon and pianist Allison Tsai on a collaborative music and art performance. I created paintings inspired by thirteen short vocal pieces composed by Erik Satie. The paintings were shown during a recital for a live audience in April of 2017.

My approach was to combine my meditative painting method with a method of musical inspiration. I danced the paintings, letting my brush be influenced by the music and lyrical content of the songs.

Oil Portraits

My artwork has always been based in my meditative practice, thoughts and readings in the area of my spiritual life and responsibility.
More specifically, my portraits are an exploration of identity and narrative, as well as personal value, through study of distinctive characteristics belonging to an individual. I want to discover through portrait painting, avenues that lead me into a better understating of what identity means to both the people I am painting and myself.

I think that viewing ourselves as unique and of worth is critical to having a positive view of one’s own identity and that when we accept ourselves as unique and of value we are encouraged to consider other’s uniqueness and worth. Creating art can be one gateway into seizing this sense of one’s value as a person, also called Basic Goodness.


These drawings are related to my portrait practice in that it is an exploration of Basic Human Goodness as well as the narratives inherent in the human figure. As a series of drawings, it allows me to study anatomy of the figure and the geometric principles within, leading to a greater understanding in creating a composition.

AFSIVA Portraits

During the 2012-2013 school year, I completed an Americorps internship as Resident Artist at Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts. One of my duties was to facilitate an after school art club. The students and I worked together on art projects, exhibitions and performances, through which I taught them principles of art but also explored their personalities, interests and abilities. We formed personal relationships, some of which have continued over the years since then. My portraits of these young artists attempt to communicate their beauty and dignity as individuals.

Still Life, Landscape and Studies

The paintings and drawings in this section are based on observation of the natural world.

The landscapes explore the outdoor physical world of trees, fields, flowers, sunlight, pathways and more. I regard these earthly, outdoor realities to be remarkable. They are comprised of organic material yet each living entity is different from all others.
Nature has a specific, original beauty that always pushes me to consider new ways of recording its passage.

Still life painting is a challenge to use everyday objects to create interesting and original compositions. This necessarily involves geometric principles and nuanced variation of light, shadow and color.

These paintings are a way of keeping my observational and design skill sharpened, as well as being a way to find beauty and meaning in human-made objects and nature.

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