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Pursed Trough

Pursed Trough / Silicone, Plywood / 18.5” x 36” x 21” / 2019

Pickled, Pockmarked, Pimpled.

Pickled, Pockmarked, Pimpled / Plywood / 41” x 17” x 17” / 2019

Soaked Tall Trough

Soaked Tall Trough / Plywood, Milk Paint / 68” x 21.5” x 12” / 2019

Soaked Weft

Soaked Weft / Plywood, Silicone / 21” x 6.5” x 12” / 2019


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Baltimore City

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Andrew Flanders is a sculptor whose works trasnsition between object, furniture, installation to explore the deliriously masculine, and idiosyncracies within craft and trade psychoses.  He received his BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), studied woodworking at Craft Schools such as Arrowmont School of Crafts and Penland School of Crafts, attended residencies at the Vermont Studio Center and the National Youngarts Foundation in Paris, France.... more


A sensitivity to craft is not mutually exclusive to a sensitivity to social issues within the generations past of craft pedagogy.

I've created a series of transgressive sculptural bygones critiquing toxic social behavior in the older fragile mindset of a hegemonic masculine craft. Tiptoeing between off kilter and traditional approaches to craft and construction, followed by blemished finish and paint, the resulting forms drift between too specific and too broad in regard to function. The gross idiosyncrasies in sexism, aggression, sexualization, homophobia and objectification are ultimately collaged and visualized in my work. Reflecting older craftsmen in a progressive era, toxicity is veiled within the peculiar.

  • Bramble

    Cherry, Red Oak, Iron Oxide, Cotton Strapping / 27” x 14.5” x 10.5” / 2019
  • Strong Armed Benji

    Assorted Hardwoods, Reed, Milk Paint. / 25.5” x 20.5” x 14” / 2019
  • Scuttlebutt

    Mahogany, Plywood, Milk Paint, Poplar / 20” x 10” x 13” / 2019
  • Alleycat

    Reed, Assorted Hardwoods, Milk Paint, MDF. Plywood / 32” x 21” x 17” / 2019
  • Wishbone Spitoon

    Mahogany, Ash, Cherry, Plywood, Titebond II, Milkpaint / 30” x 12” x 6.5” / 2019

Hung Out to Dry

Hung Out to Dry is a series of sculptures that explore fatigue, deterioration, and blemish. Crafts and woodworking trades can be easily defined as a practical knowledge, a knowledge that is learned firsthand from close observation. However, this series of objects suggests that craft pedagogy has begun to deteriorate in its inabilities to catch up to our social climate, creating an impractical knowledge. Using this impractical knowledge taught through politically incorrect teachings, the wooden sculptures in "Hung Out to Dry" mimic a gravitational surrender, rejecting their original rigid materiality, mimicking textiles and plastic.

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