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marbelized paper, metallic watercolor, floral, nature
"Divine Intelligence" was the springboard into my mushroom spore print series. Black watercolor paper makes the metallic watercolor pop and hand made marbelized paper created a playful way to use metallic circles that pull your eye throughout the composition.


mushroom spore print, watercolor, metallic, nature, shamanic tradition
"Ayni" means reciprocity in the Andean tradition. I believe we are living in a time where things must change or we will experience a mass extinction. I strongly believe we need to care for our Earth more and honor her. I am hiking several times a week and have been learning about different types of mushrooms. The series is created by first making mushroom spore prints that are then protected with fixatif. I work into the spore prints to create compositions using metallic watercolors.


metallic watercolor, mushroom spore print, shaman, nature
"Faerie Realm" is part of my series that is exploring nature as an integral part of life. We take it for granted daily and yet it is the very thing that sustains us physically and enriches us spiritually. This is a mushroom spore print that uses collage elements and metallic watercolor. I have found that as I have learned more about mushrooms it has led me to learn more about so many components of nature right here in my local Maryland habitat. My appreciation of our natural world has changed how held I feel by the universe and has enriched my life unbelievably.

happy garden.JPG

mushroom spore print, watercolor, metallic, nature, shamanic tradition
"Happy Garden" is another in my mushroom spore print series. I spent countless hours hiking through the woods in Harford County and learning about different kinds of mushrooms. I started creating a variety of surfaces to use to then create the mushroom spore prints and then cut some out after "fixing" them so they didn't smear. I collaged many and created compositions that felt pleasing and then painted back into these pieces using metallic watercolor.


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Andrea Sauer is best known for creating watercolor and oil paintings that explore the use of intense color and push areas of  more developed realistic imagery against more abstract backgrounds. Andrea was born and raised in Columbia, Maryland and started private instruction under David Zuccarini, a nationally acclaimed oil painter. She attended Maryland Institute, College of Art and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Masters in Art Education. Andrea’s watercolor and oil paintings have... more

Edens Perfume

I was trained in oil paints and still use frequently to paint landscapes which is a completely different body of work. I keep myself fresh and also find it important to make different bodies of work ranging in media and style. As I bounce between these bodies of work my art feels more like play then plodding along towards some predetermined goal or vision. As I finished up my time at M.I.C.A. getting a M.A.T. I trained under Lois Hennessey who opened up the world of watercolors to me. I have continued exploring watercolor and am mostly drawn to creating florals . Peonies I planted in my backyard have managed to survive my lack of green thumb now for years. I have done several watercolors of these gorgeous flowers because as my teenage daughters would say, 
"They are soooo EXTRA." They are so dramatic. So fragrant and require your admiration. 

  • edens perfume.jpg

    watercolor, realism, floral, peonies
    "Eden's Perfume" is a watercolor of peonies found in my backyard. I always enjoy creating areas of intense realism contrasting loose wet into wet technique to create the blurred effect of gardens in the background.

Fleeting Beauty

This watercolor called "Fleeting Beauty" is capturing how quickly the hibiscus flower comes and goes. The blooms last only one day and then shrivel and are gone. I have long held Carolyn Brady as one of the most influential watercolorists I have known. Her ability to create areas of realism and tight, realistic imagery against ephemeral, loose backgrounds has always gripped me. I enjoy trying to implement a variety of techniques into my watercolors to create that sense of depth and contrast in technique.

  • Fleeting Beauty.jpeg

    watercolor, realism, floral, hibiscus
    "Fleeting Beauty" is a watercolor that captures the life of a hibiscus flower- one day. One precious day to bless us with the unbelievably intense color and lush form. I had so much fun using wet into wet techniques in contrast to the layers of color I used in the foreground flowers.


As I have stated, I must be ADD because working in a particular style with one particular media doesn't work for me so I am constantly trying new processes and learning something that somehow makes its way back into my more traditional watercolors and oil paintings. This was a piece that incorporated printmaking, stencils, handmade paper, gilding, and the use of collage elements. The collaged elements are actually my highly detailed paintings of flowers. I was starting to bridge into working more abstractly but figuring out if I could use some of my more traditional training in the overall composition.

  • whimsy final.jpg

    acrylic, printmaking, stamping, watercolor, floral, gilding
    "Whimsy" is a mixed media piece that helped me bridge my interest in working realistically to moving more into abstract work that uses more formal elements and the principals of design to create a successful composition. I was pushing myself to work in a way that I knew intuitively was leading somewhere but not totally comfortable to me.


This is a mixed media piece that I had a blast working on. Judy Tallwing (Apache Elder who shows her artwork at the American Visionary Museum) is a huge inspiration to me. I taught art for 20 years and one of the fieldtrips I made happen every year was to AVAM. As we took the tour, a docent said she was a Charm City Local. I don't know what came over me but I called her and asked if I could ever get her to come participate in a paid residency at the high school I taught in. She refused to be paid but graciously donated her time to come work with my students and teach them how to use metal paints that one can add acid washes to that then create gorgeous areas of copper and verdigris. I was so excited by the process that I have incorporated the process into dozens of paintings since then. This huge acrylic uses areas of this metal paint . I was so grateful to her and her willingness to donate her time, hundreds of dollars worth of materials and her amazing stories.

  • Grateful.jpg

    metal paint, acrylic, printmaking
    "Grateful" is a mixed media piece that utilizes printmaking, acrylic, and metallic paints. In the project description, I describe how I came into contact with Judy Tallwing and how she taught me her methods of using metal paints and acid washes to create incredible effects with copper and verdigris.


"Happy" is a huge acrylic mixed media painting. I used a variety of methods even including bubble wrap pressed into paint to create a variety of textures. When working this large, it became critical for me to put the painting somewhere that I could back up from it and see it from a distance. Playing with color, line, shape and texture were so liberating and in some ways I found working in an abstract manner almost more difficult than the tight oils and watercolors that I also create. 

  • Happy.png

    abstract acrylic composition mixed media
    "Happy" is a mixed media piece that I allowed to just unfold. There was no plan in place and artistic decisions were made as the piece evolved. As abstract as it is, it was reiterated over and over again how important paying attention to the principals of design is to create a successful composition.


"Saguaro" is an oil painting of cactii in the SouthWest. I was captivated by my photo of the light at this time of day and how rich the colors became in the foreground on the desert floor. 

  • saguaro.jpg

    desert, southwest, cactii, saguaro
    "Saguaro" is an oil painting that I enjoyed painting so much. It seemed to flow from me with little work. The colors and the sense of depth that I could create with the change in color and value was really enjoyable.


"Beachcomber" is an oil painting of my daughter. I loved the contrast of the realistic image of my daughter against the abstract nature of the ripples in the water and the refraction that is visible in the water and on my daughters hand and legs. The idea that to capture her realistically in the water required me to fracture the image and distort her body was interesting to me. 

  • Beachcomber.jpg

    water, distortion, refraction
    "Beachcomber" is an oil that required distortion and showing refraction in the water to create a believable painting of my daughter in the water.


"Sami" is a mixed media collage that uses marbelized paper and metallic watercolor. Sami can be described as high frequency energy that comes from being in harmony with the universe. If you've ever been in the room with someone who is at odds with the universe, you know it immediately lol... so I thought it was worth celebrating the energy that pulls your vibration up! 

  • Sami.jpg

    marbelized paper, metallic watercolor, nature, shamanic tradition
    "Sami" is a tribute to high frequency energy that you immediately recognize in people and things. This mixed media piece is created with both marbelized paper and metallic watercolor. I strived for a balanced composition that feels light and seems to almost pull your eye upward. This is the type of energy I hope that I emit.

Feed the Seeds

"Feed the Seeds" is a mixed media piece that celebrates the idea of aligning your gut, your heart, and your mind with your higher self or your intentions. I used metallic watercolor and handmade marbelized paper to create this composition.

  • Feed the Seeds.jpg

    marbelized paper, metallic watercolor, floral, nature, shamanic tradition
    This piece"Feed the Seeds" celebrates the ritual of aligning your gut, your mind or Third Eye and your heart with your intentions. It is a mixed media piece that uses marbelized paper and metallic watercolor.

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