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The Majority Just Sat And Watched-Detail

Detail-'The Majority Just Sat And Watched’ 40”x40” Print on Dibond 2016

Detail-They Exist Under Adverse Conditions

Detail-The Exist Under Adverse Conditions--40”x40” Print on Dibond 2017

Consumed By The Current News -detail

Detail of ‘Consumed By The Current News’ 40”x40” Print on Dibond 2017

Scrunchies And Cactuses Remind Me Of Sex Organs

detail ‘Scrunchies And Cactuses Remind Me Of Sex Organs’ 40”x40” Print on Dibond 2016


About Amy

Baltimore City

Amy Helminiak is a multimedia artist who was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where she started her pursuits in the arts under the direction of her father, a painter.  After being awarded competitive arts scholarships she studied at The Maryland Institute College of Art and graduated with a BFA. She later continued her studies at a classical art atelier, The Schuler School of Art, focusing in painting techniques of the old Dutch masters and classical sculpture. Recently she graduated from... more

Orange Trees Are Mostly Green

Today were Photograpghs and images are leading the way in communication , 'Orange Trees Are Mostly Green' addresses the ambiguity of language in the digital age. Realized through emoji inspired symbols such as painted fingernails, scrunchies, Bernie Sanders heads and unicorns, the pieces explore the limitations of communication through texting and social media.

The work takes form from hundreds of appropriated photographs from internet searches that visually amplify the information to be processed by the viewer. Reminiscent of binary code and cuniform writing, these alternating patters reinforce its intent to be observed as a language. At the same time, they confer to it, in aesthetic terms, a frequency of digital noise.

Still Standing, Finding America

‘Still Standing, Finding America’ is a photographic series in progress that explores America through former 7Eleven buildings that have been refurbished into different entities. By focusing on the revolving occupants of these buildings that exist within the unchanged structures, this series reveals the ever-changing cultures of rural America trapped within its foundation.

Lover Letter

This is a love letter I created for my husband. Each drawing and photograpgh are seperate objects placed together inside a single pink envelope that reads 'For Jose.'

*Viewing the images and text in order is an important part of its narrative.

Photographs, Pen on paper

This Must Be The Place

'This Must Be The Place' explores the intersects of femininity across cultures and history. Realized through found paper images the works combine ancient artifacts, modern objects and imagery.

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