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That Day In Tulsa.jpg

What if that day in Tulsa had not occurred? Where would my people be now.
That day in Tulsa, Oklahoma (in the Greenwood community of that City) did not just tragically destroy a thriving, economically stable, Black community, it was among other such events across the post enslavement era in this country that changed the trajectory of Black Americans for the foreseeable future. I spend time admiring how a generation of Black people managed to build such a bustling, economic hub in such a short timeframe following enslavement. I spend more time imagining, lamenting, postulating "what if". What if those monstrous rioters had not succeeded?


About Alma

Baltimore City

Alma Roberts is a second generation abstract expressionist painter who "paints her way through life" with vivid abstractions rich in passion, history, and stories she has lived. She is a rising talent dispite her senior years having just celebrated her 75th birthday. During the recent year, Roberts has been featured in solo exhibits ( Featured Artist at the James E. Lewis Museum, as part of  the group exhibits: Wombmanity (BWI Airport), Black'ity Black (Novado Gallery, Jersey City), Black Art: In... more

Heads and Bodies

While I identify myself as an Abstract Expressionist painter, some of my early works were bodiless heads and headless bodies. These works still expressed my emotions, my social consciousness and commentary, but they were indeed figurative.

  • Driven to Madness

    There is no pure sanity. We all walk a thin line between sanity and madness until we don't.
    "Driven to Madness" is acrylic on canvas, 20"x20", 2016. We all walk a razor's edge between sanity and functional madness. This is my depiction of what I imagine it would look like if it got to be true madness. The eyes say it all.
  • Woke

    Woke and active
    Woke, acrylic on canvas self portrait. Despite my age, I remain woke to social activism. I desire to do so until I can't. I must hold hope that things can be different and better.
  • Two Spirit

    Two Spirit
    Two Spirit is the term Indigenous people use to describe individuals who display both male and female demeanors. These are revered individuals in the Indigenous Cultures.
  • The Spirit of My Ancestors.jpg

    Spirit of My Ancestors, acrylic on canvas, 2016
  • A Vessel Full of Power.jpg

    A Vessel Full of Power, acrylic and fabric on canvas. 2018. This work is in the permanent collection at JELMA (James E. Lewis Museum of Art at Morgan State University).
  • The Transfiguration of Freddie Gray .jpg

    Transfiguration of Freddie Gray, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36", 20215
  • Unexpected.jpg

    Unexpected, Acrylic on canvas, 20"x20", 2015

The Impact of Race and Racism

I am deeply engaged in exploring with the impact of racially motivated acts that shaped or mishaped the social, economic, educational, and overall trajectory and wellbeing African-Americans in this country. From the painting "The Sorrow of the Stolen Ones, The Ultimate Sorrow, Strange and Bitter Fruit, to my most recent work, "They Found the Clotilda", I am documenting and probing the history, that I am, as a 75 year old African American, still learning and unearthing. This project presents some of that work. 

Social Justice

The role of the artist is to champion social justice,  to give a "voice" to the underserved, the marginalized, the evironmental advocates and more for the wellbeing of humanity. We must never shy away from the frank portrail of injustice and the hope of equity and justice for all.

  • Rome is Burning .jpg

    Our social ecosystem is in full-blown, 5 alarm flames. Hunger and poverty, homelessness, widening gaps in health disparities, worker shortages, need I go on. While the alarms are blaring, our "leaders" are fanning the flames that pit citizen against citizen, community against community, church against diversity and inclusion. Rome is truly burning. Acrylic on canvas, 24"x24", 2021
  • Man in a Box.jpg

    Man In A Box is may commentary on mass incarceration or man dehumanization as I choose to call it. Years ago, I visited a prison in my home state to help inmates form a literary group. I got to see firsthand how these men and women were made to "live" and I have never nor will I ever forget the sadness in all of those eyes. Man In a Box is acrylic on canvas, 12"x12", 2011.
  • Empty Windows.jpg

    Home is where the heart is has such meaning to me. I have warm, comforting memories of growing up in a house filled with people who loved and cared for me and provided for all my needs. Empty Windows is to remind me and all who view it that each and every minute of every day hundreds of thousands of people in our country are homeless, and hungry. We must all become social justice advocates. "Empty Windows", acrylic on canvas, 22"x28", 2016
  • Sprinkle In Some Truth (1).jpg

    Combat fake news, advocate for our full and complete history. The painting Sprinkle In Some Truth is acrylic on canvas, 36x36, 2022
  • Women Walking with Ardor (1).jpg

    Women are by nature, advocates. We are the fierce protectors of our homes, our children, our virtue. Women Walking Ardently is acrylic and ink on canvas, 24"x24", 2022
  • Without Mercy.jpg

    children in cages like in a zoo without mercy. "Without Mercy", mixed media on canvas, 36"x36", 2018
  • The Sky is Falling.jpg

    Climate is a social justice issue that is impacting us all. "The Sky is Falling," acrylic and paper on canvas, 48"x36", 2021
  • CaliforniaSkiesAreBurning.jpg

    Mother Nature is fighting back. California Skies Are Burning, acrylic on canvas, 30"x40", 2020

That Would Be Me

I am on a journey that should be a movie. 75 years old, having the time of my life which is like a Patchwork Quilt with every chapter full of passion, commitment, activism, and now at the age of 62, my art is sustaining. I often say that " I paint my way through life" and that I do.

  • Patched-To Mend and Strengthen .jpg

    Patched: To Mend and Strengthen, acrylic and mixed media on canvas. 48x48, 2023
  • Working on Happiness (1).jpg

    Finding happiness exceeds the joy of finding love. Happiness means you have found a rewarding love for yourself. Working on happiness is an lifelong endeavor that ebbs and flows. Acrylic on canvas, 36"x36", 2021
  • DancingTillDawn.jpg

    I shall be "dancing" until it is my time to meet the dawn. "Dancing 'Til Dawn, acrylic and ink on canvas, 36x36, 2021
  • My Urgent Mind (1).jpg

    In realizing my mortality, my mind and soul want to do, learn, be all that I can in the time I have. "My Urgent Mind" acrylic and paper on canvas, 36x36, 2021
  • True to Our Native Land (1).jpg

    True to Our Native Land, acrylic on canvas, 36"x36", 2021
  • Stacked and Fitted.jpg

    In recognition that my ancestors travelled to this country, stacked like cargo in the bottom of enslavement ships, I have chosen to stand out from the crowd to pay homage to their resilience and greatness. Stacked and Fitted, acrylic and ink on canvas, 60x40, 2023
  • Mas Amor.jpg

    More love for everyone from everyone! Amen Mas Amour, acrylic on canvas, 36x36, 2018
  • Stepping Stones (1).jpg

    On the "backs" and the will of my ancestors, I have succeeded. Stepping Stones, mixed media on canvas, 48"x48", 2022.
  • Jumpin' Up.jpg

    Keep fun and joy alive! Jumpin' Up, acrylic on water color paper, 14"x14", 2023
  • Revival (1).jpg

    Revival, acrylic and ink on canvas, 48"x36", 2023 There is survival and then there is revival, renewal, reinventing, revitalizing over the course of a lifetime.

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