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Baltimore City - Highlandtown A&E District

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Alice Gadzinski is a mixed media artist based in Baltimore MD where she is currently an Artist in Residence at the Creative Alliance and a Fellow at the Coldstream Homestead Montebello Sculpture Park Fellowship.  Alice graduated from MICA's Rinehart School of Sculpture in May of 2016. She received a BFA in photography from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids MI in 2005. Between her BFA and MFA Alice worked as a prop and backdrop designer for an independently owned... more

Guilty Pleasures: MFA Thesis (2016)

  • Romance Without Finance (2016)

    Romance Without Finance (2016)
    This piece is constructed from plastic and paper shopping bags, paper mache, gesso, housepaint, buttons, patterened tissue paper, and a decorated wire hanger done by my great grandmother. This piece is referencing the fashion on the show- placing the jacket in a state that is is about to be worn or was just taken off. Unknowning anything about the wearer. This piece is double sided, but is flat and can not actually be worn.
  • A Chair For Yelling At (2016)

    A Chair for Yelling at  (2016)
    This piece is made entirely out of construction foam, paper and plastic bags, poly fil, spray paint and house paint. It is human scale- and is made to resemble a chair in my mothers house that she inherited. The chair sits in the living room in the corner as an art piece- since it is too uncomfortable to be used. Over time the cats have used it as a scracthing post- causing my mother to point at the chair and yell during the process. This piece represents a case of asethetics taking presentant functionality, but aethetics ultimately failing in the end. Measures:54”x24”x36”
  • Cheesecake At Our House

    Cheesecake At Our House
    This piece was created out of sheet foam, plastic bags stuffed with studio garbage, polyfil and packing peanuts, paper bags, recycled printer paper, house paint, spray paint, and acrylic paint. It is actually two pieces as the pillows move as a unit and come on and off the piece. This couch was made from memory of a recurring couch prop from The Lawrence Welk Show that I watched as a kid. The pillows each represent a member of the Lennon Family who I remembered sitting on this couch singing in hushed tones "From Our House to Your House." This couch measures:42”x67”x28”
  • Thanks A Lot Eddie B (2016)

    Thanks A Lot Eddie B (2016)
    This piece is made up of 30 individual pieces that are roughly each 4"x4"x15" and can be arranged in anyway. These are made entirely from cardboard computer paper, and acrylic paint. The inspiration from this piece came from research about propaganda and marketing tactics aimed toward women in the early 1900s. This one particularly references Edward Bernays and his impact on getting woman to smoke as a sign of "independance and equality."
  • Sponsored by... Geritol (2016)

    Sponsored by... Geritol (2016)
    Geritol was one of the biggest sponsors of the Lawrence Welk Show for most of it's run. It was an elixir that promised to put pep back in the step of the elderly, as well as clean out the bowels. This piece references it's placement of prominence on the show, and glitters up an otherwise glitterless product. Made entirely of garden mesh, sequins, jewelry findings, and epoxy clay. Measures:24”x96”x1”
  • Lady on Lady Restrictions (2016)

    Lady on Lady Restrictions (2016)
    This piece is made entirely out of cardboard, foam, wire, paper mache, spray paint and pink flocking powder. It is a fragile stantion post. Discussing the cultural relevance of this shape and how it is ultimately abided by in all circumstances. Never questioning the materials making up the structure. I saw this as a metaphore for women creating rules and barriers on eachother. Measures:40”x36”x10”

Don't Laugh and Don't Say Oh My Gosh: School 33 (2014)

"Alice Gadzinski used to be a dancer, which has thus evolved into a fascination and borderline obsession with performance aesthetics. She presents the human experience, both good and bad, and the idea of performing in a domestic sense from a delightfully sarcastic stance. Paraphernalia oozing nostalgia, collected at garage sales and thrift stores is re-contextualized to present an honest kind of adolescence that is, of course, as warped as the next person's. Gadzinski's elaborate; shrine-esque sculpture juxtapose beauty with artificiality, social standards with natural urges, domestic safety with vulnerability, using the shiny plastic language of kitsch and camp. Easch piece sucks the viewer in and demands them to seek out every hilarious, profane detail before moving onto the next. They shine a tongue-in-cheek and neurotic light on out oftentimes-laughable existence.

Karma Pop Collaboration (2016)

This project took about a year to come together. Krystal Mack of creator of Karma Pop reached out to me after seeing a piece of mine in the Rinehart Fall show at MICA. She wanted to do a collaboration, but wasn't sure of an outlet or how. A year later- after connecting with B-More Art- the occasion arose! Krystal was asked to produce ice pops the Launch Party for Issue II of BmoreArt Journal of Art+ Ideas at Area 405. Krystal gave me full reign on how to decorate her dessert tricycle and she designed a flavored pop to go with my aesthetic. I wanted the trike to still be mobile, so it could be ridden from my studio to her gallery for the easiest possible transport. My inspiration was the word "pop" adding faux and real bubbles to the bike along with faux ice pops and flowers made out of bubble wrap. The flavor pop she created with blue raspberry lemonade covered in pop rocks! It was a smashing success!

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