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About Adam

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Using various materials, I have been working toward creating unique characters that describe relationships between people and ideas.

  • A Cup Full of Joy

    Spoutwood Farm's Fairy Festival is a wonderfully creative event that has become a ritual event for my family. Here, Otter the River God encourages the crowd to fill the cup with their laughter and joy to be preserved throughout the next year. Gammamouth stands in the crowd, holding his drum and smiling. (photo by Francisco X. Guerra).
  • AAAAaaapocalypse!

    Original script by Adam Goode and Aaron Thompson. "Deep within American soil, far below the grass-roots movements of the 21st century, there lies the all-seeing, all-knowing, slightly paranoid American Point Of View. Will our heroes succumb to the lusty needs of consumerism? Or will they sit down for a heaping helping of peace, and fresh batch of love and tasty slice of eternity?"
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  • Otterside Productions Revealed!

    Cast photo from a performance of AAAAaaapocalypse! (2012). Performers (left to right: Scott Scalorn as Poupon the Grey Knight, Jared Dalton as Lestrythus the Dragon, Adam Goode as APOV - AmericanPointOfView, John Conde as Gypsy the Fairy Princess, and Sean O'Scanlon as Otter the River God). AAAAaaapocalypse! was an original script describing the way a few individuals can be manipulated into bringing about destruction. However, when they think and feel with their own minds, they can learn to work together.
  • Gigglebitz

    What started out as a gag on the stiff robot turned into a deeply inspiring character. 2012.
  • Poupon the Grey Knight

    Original hand and stick puppet for Otterside Productions. 2010.
  • Gleek and the kids

    After a performance, two children came by to get transformed by Gleek. This video shows the spitting mechanism at work. The jaw, syphon, and umbrella fins were wired together so that when the water was drawn in, the fins would collapse. Then, when the dinosaur spit "transforming riboflavins," the fins would spread out like in the original Jurassic Park movie.
  • Gleek and Glom transform the kids

    From "Goldblum" - Fluid Movement's 2015 water ballet. I constructed the dinosaurs. Valarie Perez-Schere did the fabric work on Glom (T-Rex). Gleek (Dilophosaurus) was performed by myself, while Glom was performed by James Brumfield. Using the super-secret powers of DNA transmogrification, two recombinant dinosaurs attack and transform the child cast of Jurassic Park to the tune of "Get your Freak On."
  • Gleek attacks!

    This is a shot from Fluid Movement's night show of "Goldblum." Here, you can see the water squirting out of the Dilophosaur's mouth while the fins are opening. Gleek was created, constructed, and performed by me.
  • Performing with Groups

    As I work with groups to create performances, I learn more and more about myself, the materials that I enjoy using, and ways to communicate better. Having worked with groups like Fluid Movement, Otterside Productions, Black Cherry Theater, and The Columbia Arts Center, I have come to realize that creating as a team is a special gift that enhances all levels of the work. Challenges are always present, but the load and the enhanced knowledge set make the problems less daunting. When the curtains come up, the roar of the crowd makes it all worth while.
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  • Raven and Glob, roving minstrels

    The Spoutwood Farm Fairy Festival is a three day long, outdoor event that centers on creative and playful interpretations of fairy tales in an effort to teach about the importance of stewardship for the earth. I love the freedom to create and express that this place provides. It is like a renaissance festival without any historical context. Here, I am dressed as a crow named Raven who is desperate to show the world his beautiful voice. Sadly, he squawks like a loose timing belt. However, his partner, Glob, plays lovely tunes in a blues/celtic style.

Who is Adam Goode

Adam Goode is an artist and educator who uses art to investigate, understand, inform, and entertain. His explorations of various media have taken him on a winding path which coalesce into a ranging palette of pop culture, historical awareness, and multi-cultural appreciation. Explore and enjoy.

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