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About Adam

I have lived and worked in Baltimore for about 10 years. I am self taught. I have shown work at the Metro Gallery, The Wind Space, Gallery 788 and various other venues in Baltimore City.

Momento Mori

Momento Mori was my second solo show at the Metro Gallery.

Vision (Curation) 2011 Scape Scape

The 'Vision' show was a joint curatorial endeavor by Jeremy Crawford and myself. The 'Vision' show was for the 2011 Scape Scape Art and Music Festival that was hosted at the G-Spot on Old Falls rd. Jeremy was approach by the people who were putting the festival together about putting together an art show that would show case some of the very diverse talent out there in Baltimore city. Jeremy asked me if I wanted to help him put the show together and I honestly couldn't say no. I'm a huge fan of Jeremy's work and was honored he asked me to jointly curate it with him. We essentially began calling people that we knew and whose artwork we respected. The artists who showed in 'Vision' were Jordan Kasey, Jeremy Crawford, Lauren McCallin, Shaun Preston, Myself, James Swainbank, Erin Fitzpatrick, Stefan Ways, Gred McLemore, Melody Often, Jason Hoylman, and Teddy Johnson. I think that the work people brought to the show was amazing and was not only diverse in its themes but in style as well. With all of those differences the show was cohesive and engaging.

New works fall 2011

Some of these new pieces are part of the Divided Kingdom Series and others are expressing new directions for the coming year. In June of 2012 I will be having a solo show at the Metro Gallery, and these works reflect the ideas that are going into the work for that show.

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