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Heart Breaker

Mixed media, collage, metal foil on rehabbed watercolor. 14"x10"

BeBOP I love you baby

Mixed media, collage, metal foil on rehabbed watercolor. 10"x7"

Spring can really heart you up the most

Mixed media, collage on rehabbed watercolor. 9"x12"

Rock da boat (don't tip da boat over)

Mixed media, collage, metal foil on rehabbed canvas 12x14””


About abbi

Baltimore City

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For many years I made art in my Provincetown studio, and gained some acclaim as a regional artist and teacher. At an inevitable crossroads, a  friend talked me into visiting Baltimore in 2003. I fell head over heels for Bmore's historic, artistic and most importantly, eccentric character which made me feel totally at home.  For 15 years I taught in Baltimore City Public Schools, ultimately developing an award winning program for elementary gifted and talented students. During that time,... more

Heart music

For years I have wanted to create a heart series, kind, powerful  and with a tad of humor. You know, "what fools (we) mortals be..." The heart. A tricky, ubiquitous image.

Collage in the time of COVID

Oh boy. Pandemic Creativity.

I found myself poring through old sketch books-lots of sturm und drang notations amongst the drawings-things never change. A long time ago I was supremely comforted by Annie Dillard’s admission in the New York Times: “I hate writing. I love having written.” During this global period of angst, I craved a push from the muse. Nope. I went back to my Japanese calligraphy practice. I couldn’t  bring three paintings to the finish line. (They are still idling on the runway.) So. I took out decades old watercolors and cut them up and made collages, trying to be playful. It didn’t work. I agonized over these, too! I posted art on facebook. People told me I was working a lot. I didn’t feel that way. But that has been my way for more than 40 years.

  • Ay Yai Yai Yai

    10x10" Watercolor, ink, wrapping paper
  • Call it-NOW

    10x10" Watercolor, bingo marker, stamp from old linoleum block, ink-like I said, so many versions I had to stop myself.
  • ISO of Spontaneity

    7x10" Watercolor, frog tape, metalic pieces from cookie package, bits of destroyed paintings.
  • Scape

    10x14" Watercolor figure drawing rehabed with pieces of destroyed paintings , mica flakes
  • So what if it doesn't work?

    14x10"Watercolor figure drawing rehapped with calligraphy, pieces of destroyed paintings
  • BMA Guanyin

    10x10" Rehabed watercolor figure drawing, ink, napkin, metal bits from cookine package
  • Nymph

    10x10" inked figure drawing, tracing, napkin, scanned and printed leaves, metal leaf


Who sez humans are the superior species?

Collaborative Artist Books

Artists from all over the world have initiated these...You add a page, maybe even a two page spread, and then you pass it along. When full, the book is returned to the originator artist. Books are generally small for mailing purposes, the largest page(s) here maybe 5x7"


More to come...

Porch Paintings

An ongoing series...I continue to be charmed by Baltimore’s distinctive row houses connecting neighbors of all kinds-spaces both private and public-seen differently? the same? everyday. I love my Baltimore neighborhood. I have always been enchanted by the extraordinary ordinary. 

Yer ordinary Oyster

Mixed media: linocuts, paint, calligraphy -'harmony', newspaper with war articles

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