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oil on linen over wood panel 16"x 16"

Excavating the Present

oil on linen over wood panel 48"x 60"

Patterns and Folds

oil on panel, 36"x 36", 2018


oil on panel, 36"x 48", 2018


About Edmond

Anne Arundel County

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 Edmond Praybe is a Baltimore area based painter and draftsman with a home and studio in Arnold, MD. His  current work is a group of paintings and drawings dealing with the themes of still-life, figures in interiors and landscape. The paintings address traditional motifs in painting, but in new and interesting ways. Edmond has been teaching painting at Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland since the Fall of 2015. Prior to teaching and upon completion of graduate school he... more

New Arrangements

An ongoing series of still-life/interior/figurative paintings. These are studio paintings made from life with set-ups which evolve over the course of the works.


A group of observational drawings. Most are in pencil pieced together from multiple sheets of drawing paper as the composition grows organically during the process.

New Paintings

My current work explores the relationship between observation and abstraction. The forms and spaces in my paintings are taken from an perceived experience, but reconfigured to emphasize the emotional, narrative and formal concerns of the individual piece. I am interested in constructing a painting with a sense of both definition and ambiguity; things said and the things left unsaid. I believe this allows for a feeling of mystery within the image. I follow the major forms as they connect with, and break apart from, one another and their surroundings, creating abstract shapes and pathways until a balance of what is well defined and what remains left open is achieved. My paintings are informed by many different sources from drawings and color studies of objects and places I find interesting, to old photographs or even memories and dreams and, of course, direct observation. I use these sources to begin a piece, but may stray from the initial theme or add to it as the work progresses in order to reach a successful image. I adjust color, light, tone, interval, and scale to magnify experiential sensations. It is my intention that the paintings feel at once familiar, but somehow seen anew, recognizable, but not strictly categorizable; similar to the feeling of looking at something from a distance and not being able to fully grasp its form or the implications of its presence. Each piece is conceived as an autonomous thing born out of a combination of observation, memory and invention, filtered through an understanding of, and experimentation with, the language of painting.

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