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figure painting, oil painting, edmond praybe, still life, still life painting
oil on linen on panel 48"x 60"

Still Life with Gloves

oil on canvas on panel 48"x 36"

Once Around the Sun

oil on canvas on panel 36"x 36"


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Anne Arundel County

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 Edmond Praybe is a Baltimore area based painter and educator. He received his BFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art and MFA from the New York Studio School. His work has been shown widely at venues including Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, OH, Stephen F. Austin State University in TX, The University of Mary Washington in VA, Prince Street and Bowery Galleries in New York City and The Mitchell Gallery at St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD. Notable art critics Jed Pearl and David Cohen... more

Small Histories

Small Histories is an ongoing body of oil paintings and works on paper. The objects depicted in these works have been collected over many years, not only for their visual qualities, but for their relationship to specific events, places and people. Old clothing, dishes, vases, hemlock cones, birds nests, fabric scraps and stones, all contain small stories and memories. I image these stories mingling across time and space, converging in vignettes arranged in the studio. Certain elements reappear from painting to painting, like characters weaving in and out of separate, but overlapping narratives. Figures appear occasionally, but often they are only hinted at by domestic objects ; a cup and saucer, a meticulously placed collared shirt, heirloom bowls, seashells from a favorite family trip and various bric-a-brac, all carefully staged. The stories these stagings tell are opaque, opening to individual interpretations of symbols and visual cues; the folds of a christening dress repeat in a sea of white china and shells or bits of bone and dried flowers weaving into the pattern on cut fabric. Room has been left for exploration of the visual and material qualities of the paintings without the expectations of explicit narrative.

Small Histories (Works on Paper)

Works on paper from 'Small Histories'.  Most are stand alone works, however a few are studies for oil paintings.

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