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BOOK pair.jpg

A play on scale. Miniature bookcases within full scale (8.5" tall) "books". Mostly made of steel with handmade paper books (also made by me).

fahrenheit451 - attic and parlor levels.JPG

Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, Julie Christie, Francois Truffaut, miniature art, literary art, metal sculpture, library art, book art
One vignette (a work in progress) in a series of six miniature libraries from film, television and literature. This is the Victorian parlor and attic from Fahrenheit 451 depicted from Ray Bradbury's novel and Francois Truffaut's 70's movie.

Julia's Kitchen in a Box

French cooking, Julia Child, Julia Childs, food art, miniature art, mini art, metal sculpture, vignette
Julia's Kitchen in a Box Miniature scaled replica of Julia Child's kitchen in Cambridge, Massachusetts, made mostly of steel. 12" tall x 20" wide x 9.5" tall

Close up detail of Office Coffee Table

Modern industrial, coffee table, metal furniture, steel furniture, modern meets traditional, glass top table
Modern industrial meets old world style. Miniature room, made of mild steel, sits on track within weathered steel table frame and under half inch thick glass top. Other materials: fragment of rustic tool (briefcase), handmade paper books, bicycle parts, aluminum can (crumpled paper in wastebasket).


About Jill

Baltimore City

Always fascinated by the wonderment of miniatures, I often combine my tiny creations with full scale objects or furniture to create an alternate world. My medium is steel, taking off-the-shelf bars, strips and tubes, cutting, welding and shaping them to represent classic scenes from our collective memories. These reimagined creations are inspired from the iconic past and modernized with the materiality of metals.  My path to becoming an artist began as an architect. First studying at the... more

Back Bar Cart

Full scale bar cart on casters with miniature "back bar" as the "drawer front". Frame is industrial in style with square tube steel framing. Rusted patina'd panels enclose the cabinet and drawer sides. Cart top and lower shelving is all solid black walnut with a natural oil for a rich finish. Other materials include LED lighting, salvaged metal and vintage watch face, frosted marbles, and miniature glasses and bottles. Inspiration came from the vintage James Joyce back bar in Baltimore that was shipped from Ireland.
38” wide x 23-5/8” deep. Overall height is 37-1/4”

Julia's Kitchen in a Box

Inspired by the iconic kitchen of Julia Child. Steel furniture and appliances welded and shaped into miniature replicas of their full-scale counterparts. Includes vintage wooden box, copper plumbing parts and copper mesh, brass escutcheon pins, and handmade paper books. Glass and cast metal place settings from other artisans.
12" tall x 20" wide x 9.5" deep

  • Julia Kitchen final with bottle.jpg

    metal art, steel art, whimsical art, modern industrial, miniature, julia child, julia childs, dioramas, vignettes
    Julia's Kitchen in a Box 20" wide x 12" tall x 9.5" deep Miniature, to 1" scale, handmade kitchen replica of Julia Child's Cambridge, Massachusetts famous kitchen. The furniture and appliances are welded and shaped steel parts, not castings. Tablecloth is heat treated copper mesh to achieve a yellow color. Pots and pans are solid copper plumbing parts and vintage solid brass escutcheon pins. Knife block is solid wood. Knives are metal with a patina to look like wood.
  • Julia kitchen zoom to left.JPG

    View of Julia's Kitchen in a Box from right hand door
  • julia kitchen - close up.JPG

    Julia's Kitchen view from wall oven
  • julia - close up of pots w table in background.JPG

    Julia's Kitchen - view from left hand door

Office Coffee Table

Miniature room made of welded steel with an office theme set on steel rails within a weathered steel table frame and under a thick glass top. All miniature books are handmade to create a custom color palette of autumn leaves. Other materials used include bicycle spokes, rusted/heavily patina'd farm tool fragment and jewelry findings.
19" wide x 40" long x 24" tall


Bookcase within a book! Library sculpture could be stand alone or a bookend. A full scale rusted steel open “book” revealing a miniature bookcase. The book "pages" are made of vintage newspaper print plates. Handmade mini paper books with miniature accessories line the miniature shelves.
8.5" tall

  • BOOK pair.jpg

    book art, miniature art, steel sculpture, literary art
    Pair of miniature bookcases within 8.5 inch tall "books". Made of mostly steel; rusted steel for the "leather" book cover, vintage newsprint plates for the "pages" and paper miniature books.
  • BOOK with real books.jpg

    Real books for reference next to my miniature steel bookcase within a full scale "book".
  • BOOK open.jpg

    Closer view of miniature bookcase within the open "book"

Brady Bunch Stair in a Box

A miniature vignette of the classic television show set within a vintage mid-century modern wooden desk drawer. The iconic artwork and furniture, such as the flat file cabinet and the Mondrian-like back wall, re-imagined in steel and miniature. The warm grey steel of the instantly recognizable "Mike Brady stairs" complement the weathered and rusted steel which represent the stonework of the fireplace and built-in planter. Materials include cold rolled steel, rusted/heavily patina'd steel, wood, mid-century modern wood drawer, live air plants, jewelry chain, wrist watch parts, found key, earring and a metal clothes pin. Glass bottle and pottery vase from other artisans.
19" wide x 19" tall x 7" deep

  • Brady Bunch Stair in a Box.jpg

    A miniature vignette of the classic television show set within a vintage mid-century modern wooden desk drawer. The warm gray of the furniture replicated in steel and those "Mike Brady stairs!!" complement the weathered cast iron of the fireplace and built-in planter. Live air plants. Glass bottle and pottery vase from other artisans.
  • brady close up toward credenza.jpg

    Close up of the diorama Brady Bunch Stair in a Box
  • Brady stair zoom.JPG

    Zoomed in angle to place you IN the Brady Bunch living room

Time Enough at Last - vignette from Twilight Zone

I am working on a series of six vignettes. Miniature library scenes from movies, television and literature. This one is a combination of scenes from the Twilight Zone episode called "Time Enough at Last". A bookish bank teller just wants to be left alone to read, so he locks himself in the vault every lunch hour to do just that. While in there one day, a nuclear bomb deccimates the world outside. Safe inside the vault, he is spared. After wandering around in the aftermath, he encounters books tumbled down the public library steps. He exclaims "time enough at last"...

Borrowed Time / Borrowed Books – vignettes of iconic libraries in miniature

Are books disappearing? Or is the importance of books disappearing? Some people are proud of the fact they don’t read books, or even much of anything.
Is time disappearing? We surely seem to run out of it or LOSE it a lot. Where does it go? It doesn’t fly.

Books slow that feeling down, squelch that feeling of lost time. They calm, they educate, they clarify, they create symbiotic worlds in which we can learn about ourselves, others, the past, the future…endless possibilities.

Libraries - a place of mystery, fear, excitement, joy, sadness, or punishment…
Books provide the guided details while our own minds complete the picture. We are thinking. Nowadays we are given too much and our ability to process the information is diminished. Bombarded with noise. Everything is spelled out and we are practically told what to think when we hook ourselves up to the electronic or televised world...

Libraries are the opposite, places of calm and travel beyond the wildest imagination.
There is NO limit

Don’t let these invaluable places and objects disappear. They inform the future and remind us of the past…good or bad.

Fahrenheit 451 vignette

This is the second in a six part series of libraries represented in film, television and literature. This vignette is a combination of scales in which the Victorian parlor is depicted in Ray Bradbury's book and Francois Truffaut's 70's movie version. A three tier bookcase becomes the various levels of a Victorian parlor and a woman's forbidden library in the attic. Again, a play on scales with classic books on the upper and lower shelves, while a miniature bookcase is revealed on the upper "attic" level. This is the forbidden library in a not too distant future when it is illegal to read or own a book. Reminiscent of Stasi led Germany and the current assault on education and culture as we know it. Libraries are losing their significance. The middle tier is the miniature vignette after the "firemen" have discovered the library in the attic and have thrown the books over the railing - this is just before the house is set afire. A powerful scene turns the power around when the woman takes out her own match, taking control from the "firemen" awaiting to make an example of her.
The scene is a one inch to one foot scaled miniature made of steel, copper mesh, paper books, a marble, vintage keys from Nuremberg and a child's silver spoon.

Sofa Table

Pick a classic novel to read on the loveseat in front of a roaring fire. Glass top is approximately 14 inches x 48 inches x ½ inch thick. Overall height is 36 inches. Materials include mild steel protected with an oil based sealer, glass candlesticks, wax candles, paper books, copper mesh “carpet” and “fireplace screen,” and vintage newspaper print plates.

Badass Boudoir

BadAss Boudoir…enough said
This was part of a group art project called Badass Miniatures in the Hudson Valley, NY.
I transform an industrial product; steel as an inherently cold material, into something warm in tone with soft contouring. This dichotomy is where my art takes shape. Steel is incredibly strong and durable. A woman has endured so much throughout time, harassment, objectification, abuse…a boudoir or dressing room is her private realm. Take a peak behind the scenes into a boudoir, the classic and private realm of Hollywood’s golden age. Women can be tough as steel and soft and feminine at the same time... think of Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, Edith Piaf, Sofia Loren, this vignette is based on a boudoir that we can only imagine, behind the scenes of a strong woman in the entertainment industry.
The room divider hides just enough, the “idea” of a woman undressed. We can only imagine what this inner sanctum hides.
1:12 scale

  • Badass Boudoir.JPG

    Boudoir, dressing room, steel art, miniart, miniature art
    Miniature of a boudoir...a soft chair and a room divider with intimates strewn over and on the floor. Floor is made from a vintage French wine crate. 1"=1'-0". Overall piece is approximately one foot wide.


A salvaged piece of signage, a large aluminum letter O, serves as the Oval Office walls. The office floor rotates to expose the two opposing worlds. Brushed solid steel executive office furniture on one side represents the previous administration that made so much social and environmental progress. Overturn to the underside - the Opposite reality, the Opposition, the Oppression – shown in negative space decomposing and decaying in rust. Many executive orders sway from a comb-over of exposed wire(tapping):
· nO tax(es)
· nO democracy (in Russian)
· nO reg(ulation)s
· nO EPA
· nO immigrants
· nO clean water
· nO clean air
· nO equality
· nO facts
· nO healthcare!
Size: 12-3/4” tall (14-1/4” including turning knob) x 10-1/8” wide x 4-3/4” deep

  • crank.JPG

    Two realities exist via a rotating floor. The pre-2016 oval office, when democracy was intact and the post-2016 oval office.
  • top oval.JPG

    A close up of the pre-2016 Oval Office in miniature, set within a vintage signage letter "O". Presidential desk, chair, sofas, tables, chairs represented in steel; curtains and flags in copper mesh; and rug pattern with copper wire.
  • bottom oval.JPG

    Rotated floor showing post-2016 Oval Office - the upside down world. Executive order comb over depicted with copper wire tapping and copper sheet. The underside hollows of the oval office furniture is rusted and decayed.

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