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Work Samples


32x40x7", carved, painted maple with leather strap, tin cup, fork&spoon, dominoes, pennies


Carved locust tree root with rock inclusion, wore, net 10x24x10"


About M. Jordan

Baltimore City

M. Jordan Tierney's picture Born on Long Island NY, BFA from MICA 1985, lived in Washington DC for 20 years, now live and work in Baltimore city. Collages. Large scale wood carvings and assemblages of found objects. Books. I spend many hours in the urban waterways near where I live. There, I study nature and all of the things humans have cast off which end up in the stream. These forgotten and abused areas of nature are my spiritual places- they are filled with life. I like to consider evolution on... more

Anthropocene Scenes

This project grew out of spending time in an urban stream with my daughter. At first I was appalled at the condition of the stream and its banks. As I watched my daughter intuituively interact with the environment I saw deeper into the place and all the life it created and supports. She spontaneously built shelters, weapons, rituals, stories. These works are viewded through salvaged windows and hold the evidence of what we saw, found, and created on our adventures.

If One of Us Is Chained, None of Us Are Free

Large-scale charm bracelet carved of wood. Western Christian symbols of good will intertwined with shackles of slave-trade era. Represents our parallel and conflicted historical narrative, of good will, and our relationship to others and objects


These pieces are carved wood found in urban streams. When streams flood due to storm drain run-off, they change the surrounding ladscape dramatically. It feels post-apocalyptic with all the trash and devastation. The rising swift water often knocks down trees, exposing the root balls. If the tree grew in a rockky area, the roots had to grow between and around rocks. If unable to do that, the roots just absorb the rock and keep going. I find these rare occurences and harvest them. I use hand tools to make what look to tools or spiritual devices for use in a post-apocalyptic landscape where I am living down by a stream. Mother nature and I create these together.

  • Truce

    Carved sycamore with rock formation 12x8x5"
  • BerryPicker

    Carved locust tree root with rock inclusion, wore, net 10x24x10"
  • Swallow

    Carved sycamore with rock formation 6x6x20
  • Dipper

    Carved sycamore with two rock formations 4x6x16
  • SecondHelping

    Carved wood with two rock formations 5x6x16"
  • Net

    Carved wood with rock formation and stainless steel net 8x8x12"
  • Offering

    Carved wood with rock formation 6x8x12"
  • Furrower

    Carved sycamore with rock formation
  • Wayfinder (Lost Innocence mode)

    18x9x 28", wood, natural stone inclusion, plastic toy, metal hardware, glass

Wood sculpture

These are large scale carvings of wood and found objects. They speak to socio-economic, environmental, and emotional issues.

  • Artifact

    32x40x7", carved, painted maple with leather strap, tin cup, fork&spoon, dominoes, pennies
  • Life Ring

    92x40x6� (variable), ring is 32� carved, burned, painted wood, metal hardware, rope, fishing bobbers metal letters reading, "the cruel seas, remember, took him in november"
  • Cumulonimbus

    size variable, cart is 22x50x36� found wood and styrofoam, fishing net, wheels
  • Sail for the Siren Winds

    108x84x5� lace, bras, rope, wood
  • Ascension

    108x10x16", carved, painted wood with budvases, rope, metal
  • Empire

    52x12x22", carved, painted oak salvaged from 1870's house, broken china, stove flue cover
  • Things Put On Pedestals

    22x16x13", carved, burned, painted oak salvaged from 1870's house, wood moulding
  • Gaia

    Found root with stone inclusion, carved wood, antler, feathers

Wood Sculpture

Large scale wood carvings with assemblage of found objects addressing socio-economic, evironmental, emotional, and spiritual issues

  • Thwarted

    29x21x7, carved and painted yellow pine joists salvaged from an 1870's house in bolton hill
  • Whisper Gatherer

    60x80x36 assemblage of found objects like old t.v. cabinet, bottles, old phonograph horn with accordion-like fabric and wood movable arms, lighted x-ray front with spray paint images
  • Piety

    36x100x62", carved, painted wood with mirrors, screen, buttons, hooks, bottles
  • Dreamboat

    104x53x6 found wood, 2 liter soda bottles, string, paint on pages from The New Dictionary of Thoughts, 1955
  • Epitaph

    Carved maple 60x13x9"