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Dancing Fern

Watercolor painting of ferns in positive and negative shapes
A fern seems to dance in the breeze and in the positive and negative light.

Seasons Phases

Painting of figures and trees
Spring, summer, autumn and winter, walking through phases of Life and Nature.


Watercolor loosely painted of a womans head
This lady seems of ancient times, Is she broken hearted? Will her ship come in at last? Or has it now departed?


watercolor painting of colorful ovelapping and emerging letters
Our air is filled with various transmissions both visible and invisible.


About Martha

Baltimore County

Martha Hendrickson has exhibited watercolors and mixed media art  in juried and non juried shows in the Baltimore area since 2012. She completed her most recent education at CCBC, earning an AA Degree in Fine Arts in 2015 and a Certificate in Web Design in 2011. In prior years, Martha earned a B.A. degree in American Studies with a minor in art at UMBC concentrating on traditional photography, art and film history. While working in the photography field, and then the architectural field full time... more

Alphabet Compositions

I like to build compositions by using letters as abstract shapes. As each painting develops, I find that I subjectively interpret my current experiences. This interpretation may or may not be evident. The viewer can bring his or own interpretations to the painting. The letters do not intentionally spell out words, but they can.
I start the painting with one letter in any color and I see what other letters I can make out of the first one or from the negative spaces in various colors. As I build, it often suggests a landscape to me and I add other elements to the work. I enjoy it as an intuitive process.

  • AlphabetFlood

    Watercolor painting with images of letters and buildings.
    As this painting deveolped, there was a massive flood in Ellicott City and in Cationsville which was sad. I was also working on a dollhouse miniature show. The two seemed to come together in this painting
  • Complicated Education

    Abstract watercolor painting of letters.
    The process of education- both formal and informal is almost never completely straightforward. These letters show a journey through terrirtory of country and city, near and far, sparse and dense information. ( note: painting has been sold)
  • Camera Crazy

    Abstract watercolor painting using letters
    As I finially gave up my photo darkroom at home, I mused over my camera collection (which I kept ) and my experience with photography. My twin lens reflex camera captured my attention and the memory of rolling film through sprockets. Then, I though of my first experince shooting and editing traditional movie film.
  • The OK Ranch

    Abstract watercolor painting using letters
    This painting developed using watercolor technique with value, color and transparency. As I worked left to right, a landscape opened up that reminded me of a western theme.

Mysterious Figures

I mixed layered negative and positive space images of figures combined with natural subjects to explore the themes of man and woman in nature through time.

  • Seasons Phases

    Watercolor Painting with overlapping layers of people and trees
    Spring, summer, autumn and winter, walking through phases of Life and Nature.
  • Spring Walk

    Painting of meadow and human shape
    Fields of flowers along my walk changes to summer as we talk. The sun glows on the earthly forms, And gathers together what makes them warm.
  • Hidden Figures

    Watercolorpainting of figures and natural shapes
    Women as important figures shadowy while a man reads a newspaper of days events in the backgound.
  • The Painter

    Watercolor painting of painter in layers
    The painter pauses in her work to reflect on her subjects

Natural Wonders

This project is an exploration of what I see and observe in nature and how it stirs the imagination. My own backyard provides a lot of sources of nature in its infinate variety

  • Dancing Fern

    watercolor painting of a fern in shades of green
    A fern dances in the light. As I was sitting in my backyard, I saw this fern dancing in the breeze.
  • Butterfly Journey

    watercolor painting of butterflies and insects in layers
    A butterfly journeys to its destination among many others
  • Flower Fantasia

    Watercolor painting of orange and white flowers
    Imaginary flowers open with real ones
  • Pond after the rain

    Watercolor painting of pond with waterlilies and frogs
    Frogs appear and waterlilies bloom after the rain.
  • Pond Life in mixed media

    Mixed media painting of pond with frogs and waterlilies
    I developed this painting with mixed media including watercolor, rice paper, acrylic paint and mica. It was awarded an honerable mention at the Baltimore County Arts Guild show" Between the layers".
  • Pond Life with Waterlilly

    Watercolor Painting of Pond Life with Waterlily
    The pond Lilly is shaded under a leaf while the frogs hide and fish dance
  • Frog Frenzy

    Watercolor painting of frogs in different stages
    Many frogs make the life in the pond
  • Fern Frenzy.jpg

    painting of fern going in various directions
    I painted this fern with a variety of colors. Watercolor on Paper
  • WaterHicyinth.jpg

    Purple flower on green leaves in water
    Rarely does the water hyacinth Bloom in our pond. Watercolor on Paper
  • GardenRoses.jpg

    watercolor on paper

Face Fascination

I developed these paintings using high contrast images of faces and used various watercolor techniques and imagination to finish them.

  • Wistful

    Watercolor painting of lady's head and shoulders
    This lady seems of ancient times, Is she broken hearted? Will her ship come in at last? Or has it now departed?
  • The Swimmer

    Watercolor painting of head  in blue shades
    The swimmer wonders at visions true, Of the depths in oceans blue.
  • The Wood Nymph

    Painting of head and shoulders
    Metamorphosis has started, Becoming complete, The nymph of the wood is who we meet. She is mystery of natures good, and goddess to all earthly creatures.

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