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in which I get to be myself for a living

2011 i win a thing 2012 i travel the world as a poet 2010 i am a teacher by day dirty hippie by night then i win a thing and 2012 is everything changing is when time stops making sense

6 of 33 - Chris August - Poetry Slam - Spring LEAF 2014

IN WHICH I SPIN OUT in 2013 i am invited to omaha to be the artist in residence and also almost died in a car crash and also processed a sexual assault form before and then another and then my White boss used the n-word and then my White boss used the n-word at a youth poetry event and then my White boss used the n-word to a student of color at a youth poetry event and then i got fired.

Occupy Baltimore - Chris August - Poet

In which... I dig out. Some. Find ym People. 2011 2015 2017 and .


About Chris

My Story              There‚Äôs a version of my artist bio that ought to be centered around my accolades. But I wonder if the most fitting tribute I can give to my decade and a half of representing Baltimore nationally and globally as a writer and performer begins at my lowest point personally and professionally. Anybody can be a bird, but being a phoenix requires ashes. These are my ashes. In 2013, I was offered a resident teaching... more

5.- my city and i in couple's counseling

this is the midpoint
or turning
point. i am displaced
in my city and my city
is displaced.
so i write.
i write my white lens and
my white grief
i call it
Baltimore burning.

seven- owning the experience of falling out of time and space

everything is the Multiverse now
it occurs to me
that trauma
the accident
the assault
the termination
the break up
the assault
the election
the assault
the assualt

it all
the trauma
the assaults
the assault

won.- i begin as a poetic representative of a city

I co-host the longest running poetry slam in Baltimore, and I represent the DMV at the National Poetry Slam seven times and the indiviudal world poetry slam 5 times including...

Oh, and I book huge tours and get invited to Paris to rep the country (like, this one) and before that I go...

And I was finally friends with my ex again, and...

it happened on tour right after i won that big tournament and quit teaching it happened in california and someitme it feels like it keeps happening and happening and it followed me on tour and in europe and as a writer and my ex stopped calling and

a YEAR in the mIDwEST


sics- experiencing the experience of falling out of space & time

  • On the 9's FIRE.pdf

    As I reattach myself to some sort of continuum, I revisit my youth; my coming out and search my people and identification as artist and survivor. Among the loving products has been a berth of screen work I am HELL BENT on getting produced. This is movement two from a feature length screenplay about a queer artist coming of age on the road with his wildly liberal great grandfather.
    PDF icon On the 9's FIRE.pdf

for- my well being and my art; back to baltimore


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