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Michelle Labonte
Fine Artist

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Michelle Labonte is a MICA graduate who studied both fine arts and teaching. An award-winning teacher, Mrs. Labonte spent eight years cultivating an accessible art curriculum that resulted in high-achieving students. This culminated in 2008, where she became the founding art teacher for the SEED School of Maryland, where she remained for three years.

In 2011, she turned her attention from teaching to her own studio practice. Though well-rounded and diverse, themes of particular interest have included awareness and advocacy for mental illness; 2015 revealed this by her heavy involvement in The New Day Campaign, a larger, Baltimore-based project. Seeing that the boys and young men in Baltimore needed a voice, she also created The Baltimore Boys Project where she works with boys and youth within Baltimore City.

Drawing inspiration from the city around her, Michelle Labonte lives and works in East Baltimore.

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