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Singer, songwriter and guitarist, nina gala, creates intensely intimate songs that draw attention to the richness of our inner worlds and the preciousness of our feelings, experiences and dreams. gala has become known in Baltimore's rich underground for quieting rooms with her unmistakable voice and emotionally charged solo shows since the project’s inception in 2015. Following the release of two EPs “gala.” (2017) and “renaissance” (2020), gala made an exciting return with the release of her debut album “swan heart” in 2022. 

gala began writing “swan heart” in the summer of 2020, as she found herself at the end of a six year long partnership, in the middle of a pandemic and living alone for the first time. With support from emerging Baltimore-based producer Erik Schwarzenberg, who co-produced the album, gala has expanded her sonic universe to include bass written by gala herself, percussion, and string arrangements by Jon Birkholz (Adjective Animal, Super City, Soul Cannon). While emotive storytelling remains at the center of gala's practice, these embellishments help "swan heart" stand out as the most sophisticated work in the artist's collection.

Since its release, the album has gained nearly 20,000 streams on Spotify and praise from independent music blogs from around the world including Various Small FlamesTwo Story MelodyCloutPlastic Magazine (UK), IGGY Magazine (France), Roadie Music (Brazil) and more. The artist has also reached tens of thousands of users on instagram with heartfelt and visually stunning micro visuals that accompanied the album’s release. The visuals attracted attention from UK based record label, Daemon TV, who released the album on limited edition cassette. With "swan heart" nina gala has captured the hearts of audiences and critics alike, solidifying her place as an emerging force in independent music.

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