Mary's profile

Mary Alessi is a visual artist living and working in Baltimore, Maryland. She studied painting and art history at the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she received her BFA in 2009.

Mary's artwork stems from her love of nature.  Inspired by her own growing collection of house plants, she has also always admired the precision and detail of botanical illustration, as well as the dreamlike playfulness of Surrealism.  

For her latest series of acrylic works on panel, she is working on creating unnatural, dramatic environments for each plant, instilling a personal narrative onto each.  She is exploring themes of beauty, acceptance, loss, and the passage of time. 

Windows and frames seem to always play prominent roles in Mary's painting as well as in her installation work. Her installations, while focusing on natural environments, also play with perspective or literally, how spaces are viewed. Under the collective name "Noon Bloom" Mary often collaborates with fellow artist Hoesy Corona. Noon Bloom focuses on social and political themes, specifically racism and gender inequality, through performance, installation and video art.

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