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My path as a Baltimore-based artist started in Columbus, OH before going west to St. Louis, east to New York City and then joining the love of my life here in Charm City. It began with endless superhero drawings, followed by rigorous training at an art-focused high school, a concentration in painting at Washington University in St Louis and graduate study at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. My work has been exhibited along the way in the Northeast and Midwest. At each stage, through work and activities, I have tried to surround myself with people and art from different backgrounds. Multiple perspectives, both literal and conceptual, are an essential component of my practice. Another significant influence has become the second career I have built in the world of wine; working and managing fine dining restaurants before managing a portfolio of world-class family wineries. If there is a common thread it is that my work attempts an emotive reaction, much like great wine or a genuine connection with a person from a different background. I like to say that my paintings and drawings concentrate on powerful figures - they are viscerally wrapped in our history, humanity and mythology.

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