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I am a sculptor working predominately in steel,aluminum and bronze. I have been self employed making sculpture and furniture since 1998.

Process has always intrigued me. From the most primal forms of art making, marks on paper or clay manipulated into a form, to where I am now- utilizing welders and grinders to relate what my mind sees. I have always pushed myself to create a more accurate wrinkle in the skin, a more believable fold in the fabric, a more realistic pose in a figure.
Major influences on me would be the magical realism of the old masters as carved and painted, but also the comic book art and album covers of my youth. So  I suppose it would make sense that I am drawn the low brow art world, I find the work of many of the artists to be inspiring, technically proficient, surreal.

None of my work is cast. They are all one off pieces, worked directly in the steel. I spend hundreds of hours on a piece that might take half that in clay.   The metal resists me, tries to bend in ways I can't predict, and ultimately adds a bit of spontaneity to the finished piece.

Through my characters I'm trying to forge my own seam in the low brow world, and through my process trying to pull off the same magic of artists who have kept me inspired.
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