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My interest in color and color perception became focused when I studied Albers' "Interaction of Colors" in college. I started to work on methods to change colors on a screen using dimmable colored light sources. My continuing goal has been to use color interactions and afterimages as an active component of visual art. My current work, which I call "color-changing light-painting,"  uses a translucent plastic screen on the front of a box about 3.5" deep. RGB LED strips are arranged inside on the back of the box. Shaped barriers between the back and the screen separate regions to make colored areas.

Color-changes are produced by dimming LEDs in several circuits controlled with a programmable digital micro-processor. The rate of color-change can be adjusted with a knob on the side of the box, but the fastest rate does not approach strobe speed. A light-painting is intended to be an environmental companion, the way a painting can be, so I avoid startling light-changes. The barriers that shape color areas do not move, but color-changes often restructure an image in surprising ways.

My original visual medium was painting, which I continue to pursue. Painting can be more spontaneous than light-painting, and it can inform and nourish ideas for light-painting.


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