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Carol McGraw was born in Rochester, New York.  As a young girl, she moved with her parents and seven siblings to Phoenix, Arizona.  Carol spent much of her time as she grew up tucked in a corner, sketching.  Attending Arizona State University, she majored in Studio Art, which had more of an emphasis on drawing.  While there, she found she could express herself more powerfully with paint.  Upon graduation in 1979 with a B.A., Carol went to work in an administrative capacity (a "real" job), working on her art when she could.  It was at one of these jobs that she met her husband, Pat.  A few years after they married, they welcomed their only child, Molly, into the family.

The family moved from Arizona to Maryland in 1997, settling down in Baltimore County.  Carol was able to give up "working" and concentrate on raising Molly and further developing her artistic vision.  She expanded her creative studies by taking classes and workshops given by artists teaching in the area.  She also networked with other artists through artists' groups and organizations and learned the cultural atmosphere of Baltimore.

Currently, Carol enjoys making art in the company of friends, as well as working on her own in her studio.  She keeps active in the arts community and her artwork has been displayed in a variety of galleries and alternative venues around Maryland.  Her pieces are included in many public and private collections. 

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