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Edward Maurice Nathaniel Taylor A Biography in A r t

For most people, an occupation is what they do to make a living. For Edward M. N. Taylor, his living is his occupation. From his earliest days, he has known one thing. He has known how to be himself. Only in his case, being himself has meant expressing beauty, creativity, and imagination -- in line, in form, in color, and in texture. He does this as automatically as he breathes. He can’t help himself. He is an artist and as such, he expresses himself in every way imaginable ,- as he walks and talks and sings and paints. Especially as he paints! He hasn’t become an artist. He was born an artist.

Born in Camp Spring, Maryland, in 1971, Taylor received his early "education in the Prince George’s County Public Schools. His earliest pre-school recollections include imaginings of himself as“ an artist. He expressed his creativity, developed his skills, formed his persona, and collected praise and recognition from kindergarten forward. In his early teens he moved to Rocky Mount, North Carolina, where he began to receive formal training as an artist and where he began to assemble his portfolio. He continued to receive acclaim, recognition, and awards throughout his high school years culminating with his receipt of the Atlantic Christian College Scholastic Art Award and the Superintendent’s Choice Award for Excellence in Art for his pastel homage to Georgia O’Keeffe, called “Georgia on My Mind” resulting in his work being on permanent exhibit for years thereafter. He simultaneously received Widespread regional-media recognition for his artistic talent and achievement.

Taylor received a full, four-year scholarship to attend the nationally-renowned Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. He has continued to produce, exhibit, and sell his multimedia work and build his portfolio and his professional reputation. As a high-school art instructor he has refined his skills, by trying to instill in his students, the excitement he has experienced in art throughout his life. In passing on his enthusiasm for artistic expression and for looking at the world as a work of art, his appreciation and expression had only been heightened. His work with the Baltimore Bright-Stars Program, the Howard County Recreation and Parks Program, and his private commissions both expand and intensify his life as an artist. One of his fundamental beliefs is that God’s gift of human vision and the presence of beauty in the world carry a corresponding responsibility. He believes that every individual has an obligation to use their eyes to lift themselves up from the pain and struggle of their daily existence to a higher plane of integration with the universe. One of the best examples of this “Art for the Masses” conviction is his on-going production of greeting cards -- small, inexpensive, and elevating personal expressions of love, beauty and creative imagination.

A portion of Taylor’s portfolio can be viewed on his website at www.beyondindeed.com. He is occasionally available for artistic commissions.

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