Becoming an online curator is a fun and exciting way to more deeply engage with the artwork on the site by creating a virtual collection of artworks that inspire you.

As part of the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance's efforts to ensure that art continues to provide beatuy and healing  during the COVID-19 outbreak, each week during the crisis, several curated collections will be featured in GBCA's newsletter and social media. If you have created a collection that you wish to share with the world, please contact us at [email protected]

***Please note that all artists with an active portfolio on the Baker website are already setup to create a Curated Collection.***

Below you will find instructions on creating a Curator Account, Adding Artwork to your Curated Collection, and Viewing your Curated Collection.

To Create an Online Curator Account

To start, follow the steps below, or click here!

On the homepage of the Baker Artist Portfolios, scroll down until you see a big blue bar. On the left side you will see it read "Become and Online Curator" and click "Start Curating"


  2. A small form will appear with a brief explanation of what you can do as an online curator and a prompt to fill out name, email, and preferred username information in order to make your account. Click "Start Curating" again.

  3. This will direct you to a full form will you will continue to enter the rest of the required information, indicated by a red asterisk. Once you enter all your information, be sure to check the terms of service and privacy policy boxes then click "Create New Account".

  4. You are now ready to browse artists' portfolios and add your favorite artworks to your very own personal curated collection.

Adding Art to your Curated Collection 

Once you are logged into the Baker site as either an Artist or Curator,  you will notice that gray star button appears under each artwork that says "Add to my collection".  To begin adding art to your Curated Collection, simply click the star. It will turn orange, indicating that the artwork has been added to your collection.  If you wish to remove art from your collection, simply click the orange star, now labeled 'Remove from my collection."


Viewing your collection

If you are using the site as an artist, you can view your curated/favorited collection, by going to your public portfolio page, and it will be featured at the bottom of your portfolio, and will read "Artist Name's Curated Collection". You can access your public portfolio page by going to the top right corner drop down menu when you are logged in. The menu will say your first name or preferred artist name, and in the drop down menu click on "My Portfolio".

If you are using the Baker site as a curator, when you are logged in you can see your collections by going to the top right corner drop down menu that will say your first name, and in the drop down menu click on "My Curated Collections".