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The deadline for you to complete your portfolio for consideration for a 2018 Baker Artist Award is Thursday, December 21st at 5:00PM. This contains important information and tips for you to consider before the deadline. Please read this message in its entirety. 

1) Deadline process: This year, you will be locked out of your portfolio at the deadline. This means that you cannot continue to work on your public portfolio until March 2018. Whatever state your portfolio is in at deadline time will be frozen in time and reviewed by the judges.

2) Work Samples:  Artists working in all disciplines other than Visual Arts are required to submit up to four work samples. Work samples can be added at the very top of your "Edit Portfolio" page. Up to four Work Samples of varying length may be submitted but must not exceed a limit of ten minutes or 15 pages in total. [For example; (5) two minute samples, or (1) ten minute sample OR (3) five page samples, or (1) 15 page sample, etc. Additional instructions can be found on the "Help" page. If your Work Sample exceeds the limit, we guarantee that judges will review the first 10 minutes or 15 pages of your work included in this section. Visual Artists are also encouraged to submit Work Samples, though this will not affect adjudication. 

3) Site-wide Representation Image:  This image will be the image associated with your portfolio throughout the site. In order to upload this image you must go to "Edit Account Info" and click on "Artist Profile". 

4) Background Image: By default, the background on your portfolio will display as blue, but the new website allows for artists to set their own background image. You can see an example on our test page here. To set the background of your portfolio, click "Edit Portfolio" and scroll to the last option, "Background Image" to change this image. This can be a representational image of your work, a solid color, pattern, etc. 

5) Help Desk: We are doing our best to manage the abundance of Help Desk requests in a timely manner. Below you will find out help desk schedule for the next day:
          -Wednesday, December 20th, 9AM - 5PM via phone or email
          -Thursday, December 21st, 9AM - 5PM 
via phone or email

We can be reached at [email protected] or 410-230-0200
As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or peruse our online Help Page here.
We wish you happy Portfolio making over the coming days!