With just a few days remaining beofre this year's Baker Artist Awards deadline, we wanted to share a few final thoughts for consideration as you complete your portfolio. 

1) Deadline: The deadline to complete your portfolio for consideration for a 2022 Baker Artist Award is December 17, 2021 at 5:00pm.

2) Submission process: There is no 'submit' button on the Baker site. All artists with an active portfolio at 5:00 PM on Friday, December 17th will be considered for an award. You will still be considered even if you have your portfolio set to 'private.'

3) Work Samples:  Artists working in all disciplines are required to submit up to four work samples. If you do not have Work Samples uploaded, your portfolio cannot be viewed. Work samples can be uploaded, or you can select from previously uploaded work in the "My Files" tab. 

Work samples can be added at the very top of your "Edit Portfolio" page. Up to four Work Samples of varying length may be submitted but must not exceed a limit of ten minutes or 15 pages in total. [For example; (5) two minute samples, or (1) ten minute sample OR (3) five page samples, or (1) 15 page sample, etc. Additional instructions can be found on the "Help" page. If your Work Sample exceeds the limit, we guarantee that judges will review the first 10 minutes or 15 pages of your work included in this section. 

***There is no limit as to the length of media files included in the 'Projects' section of your portfolio.***

4) Search Results: Please search for your portfolio and ensure that you appear in search results and can click on your portfolio.  In order to show up in search results, you MUST have at least one Work Sample and one Project created. If you still do not show up in search results, please let us know immediately. 

5) Site-wide Representation Image: This image will be the image associated with your portfolio throughout the site. In order to upload this image you must go to "Edit Account Info" and click on "Artist Profile". You can select your Site-Wide Representation at the bottom of that page. By default, the first piece of media in your first project will be displayed. 

6) Help Desk: We can be reached at [email protected] with any Help Desk requests, and are available from 9:00am - 5:00pm. Requests received after 5:00pm will be answered the following morning. 

A variety of reseorces are available below to help you on your portfolio including an Info Session Recording and this Downloadable Instuctional PDF.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 
[email protected] with any questions!