In order to respond to the needs of artists who have been severely impacted by COVID 19, the entire awards process for the 2021 season has been reconfigured.

The $90,000 pool of funding usually reaches six artists annually. This year it will be awarded in the amount  of $2,500 to 36 artists.

Knowing that the need is urgent, GBCA will be accelerate the adjudication timeline and distribute the award funds as early as March 2021.For more information on the new, temporary award structure, please click here. 

Each of the 36 artists who receive an award this year will remain eligible for all awards in coming years.

This year's awards will not include an exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art, however selected artists will all have the opportunity to showcase their work in a series of public performances and online exhibitions.

We are grateful to the Board of Governors at the William G. Baker, Jr. Memorial Fund for their support and vision in making this change.


Artists still have until January 22, 2021 to create or update their portfolios for consideration for one of this year’s 36 awards,