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Sanctuary Sanctuary

holy place
In the screaming madness of each brilliant present moment it is imperative that a quiet place be found, the sanctuary. it is here that the important work is done with regard to soul expansion.

Activated Moment

Captured Time Elements
Breathing is as essential as wing to bird and scale to fish. Nuances bombard our awakened state carrying great importance as well as the very insignificant. This object attempts to capture the elaborate interplay of all that transpires in any given moment.

Ping Sequence

In my quest to identify a specific time as well as place of an individual moment coming into being I here use the ping test. the ping test is a method to measure the minimum time needed to send the smallest amount of data and receive response. This makes me think about the concept of Spiritual Discernment. That ineffable moment when a glint of light might relay a Devine message.

the Traveler

Foot on path with eye in sky and dog beside.


About mike

Baltimore County

mike mckee's picture
   I am  a Baltimore native, MICA graduate and art making museum professional.  My work has moved from being  focused on  depicting the abstraction of the  patterns found in daily life  to the  various complexties of  time and how it unfolds the pattern.  Through observation of the on going dance of life, as contained in a single moment,  each precious moment passing by and disappearing time itself is represented.  The concept of time... more

Spaces Between

Be it the valley that exists between the peaks or the infinite space that lies next to a bubbling proton, this is where my most recent exploration has taken me. I am curious about those spaces that exist regardless of scale or proprtion. These spaces contain a vast aray of detail, structure and atmosphere. This body of work aspires to illustrate these atmospheres and capture their complexity. The paintings are multidimensional and layered with tissue trying to illustrate the overlapping of every moment that has passed. To fully articulate this complexity the paintings are composed of a variety of materials and applications.
A wide variety of materials are used to identify the surface structure, texture and mood of the space between two moments. String and wire help to illustrate the linear format percieved of as changing feilds of temporal perception. Paper and fabric mirror the textured cadence of natures harmony. One may think of the pages of a book, the sheaths of onion skin or the calloused hand of a craftsperson. As one ponders these textural conditions, consider what might occur amongst the ambient and idle moments that allow the growth to occur.

  • Agnostic Dilemma

    A nagging and persistant feeling that the very most incredible thing that ever ws must certainly be caused by something Devine, yet know clear evidence to uphold the sensation.
  • Tree

    tree, wire, dog
    This is a portrait of several events happening at the same time, all the while blocking the view of tree.
  • Traveler 2019

    time  travel
    Standing as still as possible the traveler moves forward through each moment merely by being there.
  • Transitioning Circumstance

    cosmic justice
    Difficulties lie await for the one who attempts to divorce themselves from the path.
  • Mechanics of a Moment

    The various components that make up ones life can sometimes be seen metaphorically in the cosmic infinity knot and similar navigational apparatus.
  • Minotaur's Pursuit

    Enter as we do this life with or without direction, never the less we are subjected to the continuous journey never certain of the next turn in the road.
  • Sanctuary Sanctuary

    A place to feel safe contemplation and spiritual expansion.
  • Quest Dog

    what dog is not on a quest? we are all dog.
  • Temporal Sequencing

    What type of sail should be used when traveling through time? What vehicle might best traverse the fabric netting of the temporal universe? The answers are sought through the living experience.

The Contained Moment

The passing of time is evident as the celestial canopy continues its constant transition through out the year. This project finds its inspiration in the attempt to contain any given moment. Identifiable markers of time like footprints , shadows, scars and stains have been replaced by notions emanating from memories, dreams and mathematical abstraction.
Through the process of art making all these components come together combined through aesthetic decision making that acts to illustrate something greater than we are able to perceive.

  • Frequency Pending

    Pendulum Calculations
    I believe that within all things there is a frequency of vibtation. This is where the atoms hum keeping the molecular dance alive. If all is harmonized there is a resonding peace and harmony. This objects may provide an indication of wherethe harmony is resting.
  • Activated Moment

    Observed frequency impact
    At any given time there is a vibrational dance going on that all things particpate in. When a section or moment comes into focus that moment is activated to our perception. This assemblage attempts to capture the moment prior to activation.
  • Open Portal of Peace

    Peace Portal
    Seeking a harmony amongst all things, a portal could serve us well to acheive such a state. A glimpse into alternate realities or a closer look at the present condition.
  • Random Byte

    This gathering of objects signifies how ancestrial entinties have been quietly present through all the time that has come or will be. We are a gathering of the past and a view to the future.
  • Singular Moment

    So very much there is to observe at any moment along the time line. This painting has stripped away all the detail and only portrays the how an event and its inner workings exist as time passes amongst them.
  • Calculated Progression

    This dark gathering hides the evidence of the days activity and illustrates the mechanical workings underneath that which is going on. Hard edge and soft corners accent the diversity of physical reality that is so demonstrated in all of nature.
  • This Captured Moment

    This painting is like a freeze frame on the abstract unfolding of lifes complexity. Chosen at random and framed for isolated consideration here I can explore a microscopic window into a imaginary world that might mimic our daily routine.
  • Ping Sequence.

    This painting attempts to illustrate the use of the "ping" concept to identify a time and place, the cardinal points are essential to determine this location.
  • Temporal Reflection

    Our universe is a multidimensional mirror as the macrocosm reflects the microcosm as well as the reverse. There is hidden a constant dialogue between the two.

Time Stamps

In this project I am subdividing moments and assigning them an identity. Moments are threaded together in an endless stream of ceaseless manifestation. The work in this project uses geometry and line to provide a visual format to use as a means to designate a location in both time and space. Thereby creating the "Time Stamp". Designating that moment as there and then. .

  • Visitation 2016.

    now and here
    Into the physical plane a moment was successfully captured. As the time passed by a cooling occurred and the residue appeared in the form of a glass like ball.
  • Transmitter Receiver

    Agents within the materials conspire to defy change, they can go unknotted and unseen. Together they send as well as receive the message.
  • The Game

    Our colliding lives consumed by twisted strands of lifes woven cord. The current of moving energy found in the present now is like a veil separating the past and future for the present is where you find the tangible.
  • Transmissionion 330.14

    Transmitter and Receiver, imagine the simultaneous occurrence and its impact. A visceral exchange that creates the very energy that may bring about material existence.
  • Portal 27

    Results from the twenty-seventh test generated this image based on the information gathered. The test examined a timestamp by running a parallel moment alongside the primary stamp. Then identifying the variations that occur.
  • Ceremonial Chime 2016

    That which was once something can in turn be something else again.
    The placement of an event that is dedicated to a single location is much different then an event dedicated to a single moment. Some events may reoccur at intervals unknown to the viewer. This Ceremonial Chime may attempt to calculate and announce the moment of the event.
  • Wish Board 2016.

    Placed before ones intention with a measure of slight force may bring about a desired affect.
    An intention scribe on a matrix of ones choosing can be mechanically attached to this wish board in how of manifestation. The more focused the intention the greater promise of becoming into being.
  • Harliquenn 10.10.14

    Here! Then there is where the gaiety doth dance, say here, hear? The pattern of our lives and the dance we do is briefly portrayed here in this jaunty dance that appears to be a painting.
  • Natural Transmission 2016.

    Transmitted moment .0712016
    Each passing moment brings into existence a some physical print of its being, however brief. This work represents a simple fossil of a short event that took place late one afternoon in the mid summer of 20160.
  • Transmitter Receiver 2016.

    Caltuk Semulat Torgin
    This is an opportunistic device that seems to accumulate specific markers as it travels through the various vortexes encountered in the physical plain.


Individuals assembled to form a single objects that represent the current state of existence.

  • Fishing on the run

    Looking for some good fun, so roll on down to the fishing hole and get some lunch.
  • Sentinal Throne

    Here we find the abstract representation of universal shapes enthroned as testimonials to their intrinsic functions as dictated by design.
  • Merkaba

    Sitting quietly, imagine that you are in a pyramid. Take a slow deep breath and fill that pyramid with a golden white light. Holding that moment let the light pass through you and exit through the point of an imagined inverted pyramid. This act can help to cleans your cosmic body.
  • Forth Dimensional Cube

    Our Cosmos instructor Carl, once shared this as a means to understand something beyond the 3rd dimendion.
  • Kabalistik Chime

    each chakra sings with its individual frequency designated to that realm.
  • Sentinel

    Identified sequential moment poised for understanding.
  • Missing Moment

    Has it not arrived, has it passed by? Perhaps it has yet to occur.
  • Celestial Musician

    Vibrating between each breathand moment we share this cosmic antenea filters the various frequencies and harmonizes them for our understanding and enjoyment.

Game On

This project utilizes the grid as a means to map the game like qualities of life. One step at a time each moment passes bringing the anticipated next moment as well as its unknowns. Between one line and another the coordiates allow us to track the progess as we move through the temporal landscape.

  • Sequence A,B.C.D

    Each pathway is designated by a colored peg. Where you start and where it ends is unknown. All in a sequence of a,b,c,d.
  • The Swiftness

    Use the wooden sword to identify the path of thought.
  • The Perpetual Game.

    Game on Still
    Choice of departure is a continual option in this game that is in constant play. Simply place your attention on a given spot and the game is activated for your personal enjoyment.
  • Bisected cube 2015.jpg

    Through the act of vision, attempt to reconstruct the cube from the implied source of bisection.
  • Axial Format 2016.

    Axial Orrientation
    The axial format here provides an invitation top assume that there is a coorect orientation both in time and location.

The Coincidence

The restrictions of three dimensional space inhibit our ability to perceive the constant pulse of activity unfolding throughout time and space. These paintings explore this concept using schematic and cartographic influences.

  • The Weight of Each Moment o8

    Be it here or there, each passing moment presses upon another.
  • The Fantastic Unfolding

    The span of history, built on top of itself buries the aspiration of our forbearers leaving behind their work.
  • The Chakra Chart

    All we have come to know is manifest within these cosmic energy wheels found in our body.
  • Time Oracle

    Hear the Now.
  • Light Bearer

    This a detail from the Grand Scheme. He shows all and lights the way, or not.
  • The Challenge of our modern time

    Go north two blocks, turn left at the light. Take the first left and follow the alley back down south and then turn left once again. Having returned, do you see the difference.
  • Magik Carpet

    Where and when would you like to go, just ask Jeff.
  • Chronometric Chartography

    Traveling through the time fields will require a map. This may work.
  • Great Moments Stand in Silence

    The giant oak that stands alone cannot tell us what has been and its acorn holds just as many secrets.
  • Analysis of an Ellipse

    Lines curve to become a circle , wider then thinner as they flow around, under and over. Always proving to be straight.

The Characters

Beyond our comprehension there are Entities that we do not understanding. Some may be "captured" for brief moment in time and space. These characters represent an exploration into their identities.

paintings about math

Be it 123 or a plus b mathematics have been with us, hidden in the fabric of reality. These works have been an attempt to follow the weave of that fabric, following the various strands that we can comprehend.

  • Trifold Infinity

    Infinite directions emanate from every quantum grain of here and now. When Bernoulli lemniscate is expanded to the Trifold a greater range is comprehended.
  • Calculated Ascent

    Growth in an upward manner through the process of amelioration is all about the intricacies hidden within subconscious calculations.
  • Portal of Being

    Amongst all the greatness that makes up our universe, realize that we are part of that greatness and we containing its entirety.
  • The Human Condition

    From the cradle to the grave we leave dust in our wake. Footprints and dreams whispers and screams all in human from.
  • Brills Reach

    The straight river of organic geometry comprising our world flows perpetually into the great sea of the future.
  • Invisable Worlds

    This three dimensional grid is seen as a cube, each designated plain represents any given moment. The pathways between the points is where we live.
  • Time Cube Space Portal

    Using a set of designated coordinates this painting defines a specific place in time as well as space. This may help to understand our physical surroundings both in time and space. Here Now
  • Geometric Forms

    The utilization of geometric forms to create various identities to be applied to future moments requiring reference.
  • Mathmatical Santuary

    Solace can be found in the numbers. When applied to geometry we witness the birth of shapes and form. The shape and form define the illusion of space.
  • The Bicorn Frequency.

    The Bicorn Frequency provides one example of how our world is so interconnected. The curve of the bicorn shape rests in direct alignment to the ellipse. sandwich.

Allignment of Objects

I've begun to think that objects form their identity based on their relationship to the environment in which they are placed, thereby creating a new identity. "Things" contain implied function based on their shape. Objects by design have functional indication such as a point, threads, a hole handle or base. A plane, spherical nature and legs or feet are all indicators of function. These objects once removed from original function almost guide themselves toward their new function as they provide iconography for universal concerns such as time, space and thought.

  • Entry Alert System

    Each dial or lever when relocated or changed, adjusts the present demeanor at a given time as well as establishing a new present state.
  • Vacant Sigil 2016

    Ones individuality becomes important as the entity in question becomes aware of its own existence. This object is awaits this state of awareness.
  • Ganduer and Adjustment

    Taking a glimpse at the possible vastness of all that is known and unknown one must adjust their stance to take in such grandeur.
  • simultanious injunction

    In an attempt to compare one event to another it is important to stop the process of observation.
  • wish board

    eye wish
    Placing attention into the glyph scroll enacts the potential outcome.
  • intermittent focal point

    While in the process of event scanning, the mobile aspect of some transient events must be taken into consideration.