About Mary

Mary Molony is currently a second year MFA in Rinehart School of Sculpture at Maryland Institute College of Art. She attended East Tennessee State University for undergrad, studying painting, metalsmithing, sculpture, and printmaking. After receiving her BFA in sculpture and printmaking, she worked as a Veterinary Technician. The job had a major influence on her current work. Mary has been collecting bones from her parents farm in Southwest Virginia and using them in her sculptures.
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Oh Deer

I have been studying the relationship between humans and animals. In thinking about what we use animals for, such as food, or clothing I wanted to create a memorial. By decorating a skull, it was a way of masking death, yet preserving what's left of this animal.
  • canine-study-1-2.jpg
  • Canine Study
    Intaglio, chine colle
  • Infestation
    Wood, skull, woodcut prints
  • Infestation
    Wood, skull, woodcut prints
  • Fancy Beast
    Wood, glass beads, feathers, skull
  • 10 Pointer
    Plywood, acrylic, found object
  • Jaw Dropping
    Wood, gold leaf paint, acrylic, skull
  • Relics
    Wood, bones
  • Oh Deer
    Wood, glass beads, acrylic, skull
  • Oh Deer
    Wood, glass beads, acrylic, skull

Best Hand

I represented the people who were the most supportive to me as playing cards. Each portrait contains one object which is symbolic of that person's character.