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Baltimore City

Eric Rivera-Barbeito is a Puerto Rican mixed media artist, illustrator and graphic designer currently based in Baltimore, MD. Integrating a multimedia approach to his practice, Rivera taps into various fields of art-making to give visual representation to concepts centering around identity and nationality, and the systems that define them. Aside from art making, he enjoys meeting friendly pups on the street and the occasional cold glass of coconut water.


Gracias, a site-specific structure that resembles a small shed, makes use of standard tropical architectural imagery and an attached air conditioning unit to portray ineffective design. Its walls, made to mimic concrete ornamental blocks commonly found in the Caribbean fail to contain the cooled air that the unit provides. The air conditioning unit, in turn, derives its power from a larger structure that dwarfs Gracias, and reiterates the prevalent relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States.


Bound is a sculpture that explores the traits of steam bending wood, in order to allude to larger political conditions.

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