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Marcus "Emrls" Cooper is a school trained Graphic Designer, and home trained Composer/Producer. Currently a Jr. at Morgan State University under the studies of Fine Arts, Marcus brings visual representation to many of the services he indulges in. Rather it's designing a logo, freelance photography, remixing soundtracks or creating his very own, he is always up for the challenge simply out of the love of his craft. He truly is a man of few who can run the world wearing multiple hats.
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The Endless Runner-Up

The growth of an individual through constant challenges, breaking what was once thought of as "unthinkable." The songs on display here are a mixture of original compositions blended with the challenges that were given during my run in Asis Galvin's Battle of the Beats series, Jarvis Edmond Carter's Challenge of the Week series, and most notably the Bleeding Fingers contest ran by Hans Zimmer. They symbolize the growth from an arranger/composer into full producing/audio engineering capabilities thanks to hard work and dedication. Although the climb is never ending, from these moments came opportunities to break out into the world of producing on a whole new level.
  • 2013-07-23_1374598702.jpg
    My basic set up during AGBOTBXTE
  • 2013-07-30_1375209107.jpg
  • 2014-07-17_1405577054.jpg
    My Current hardware that I use to this day.
  • The Cycle (11/30/14)
    During my run in AGsBOTBXTE3 series, the theme of this round was Death,Funeral, and Cultural. While building this composition I expressed that in order to even start, one would first have to die. Plenty of Indian Insturmentation with some Djembes African Expression. Japanese Taiko Drums and a Native American touch. This entry represents the death and rebirth process. The celebration of life that is often associated with funerals and/or spiritual rituals.
  • Stardust (05/19/2014)
    One of my entries for the Challenge of the Week battles sponsered by Jarvis Edmond Carter. The goal of this challenge was to remix "Dust Man" theme from Megaman 4 originally released on the Gameboy on October 29, 1993. Most of the chiptune melody is made up of Dust mans actual theme.The rest is a composition I've created based on the melody structure of Dust Mans actual theme.
  • Edge of Tomorrow (02/22/2014)
    This is my rendition of Hans Zimmers Destiny's Door, for the Bleeding Fingers Contest. I used the vocal stem and bits of the Synth Stem, but dramatically changed the feeling and setting of the composition. My huge inspirations came from my girlfriends daughter obsession over Disney's "Brave" Scottish Culture, and the television show "Yakiri" Native American settings. A definite Folklore style with Native American drum patterns and percussion.
  • Gogo Boundaries (12/08/2013)
    During AGsBOTBXTE2, I was l feeling more comfortable in my mixes and really wanted to hone in on authenticity. I learned the limits of certain instrumentation and that helped deliver a much more natural/grounded experience, even though it was all clicked in one note at a time. The Challenge for this entry was as follows. Current TV Theme: Beyond the Boundary Genres: DC Gogo/ Bmore Club Mix So, in my area our hype sounds are divided. There's DC Gogo, and there's Bmore Club Mixes. So I figured I'd do both and infuse them with a bit of Reggae and Chiptune. I really wanted to capture the feeling of being at a concert when you're just embracing the moment and catching all those good vibes. Everything's from scratch except for the crowd FXs and the highpass during the clubmix section.
  • Boogie No. 5 (07/19/2013)
    As a tribute to Herbie Hancock,This was the first track I created that lead me into professional composition and production. During AGsBOTBXTE, this round requirements were Chilled and Relaxed with a 70s theme. I chose the Jazz Fusion genre as Jazz scene was going through a metamorphosis of sorts at the time, taking pieces of other genre's and blending them together. The Jazz night clubs of the 70s, helped mold my ensemble, while mixing some more contemporary hip-hop oriented beats around it. The transition into 2:51 is also my rendition of 1974's Chameleon which Herbie Hancock originally composed.

Spirit Climes EP

This Summer's EP is all about the spirit. Inspired by Tales of Xillia character art, I always found it strange that tales games in particular don't enhance the summon spirits personalities with character themes. So I made some myself with their images as inspiration from their most recent concepts.
  • Undine WIP
  • Spirit Climes
  • Volt
    One of main villain spirits Volt, was filled with power. His power felt unmatched up to this point, yet he was rather weird. He was glitched out, and buggy, and ultimately faulty, but if anything was certain it would have been is pure power. This track represents that sheer strength, albeit a faulty one full of glitches.
  • Sylph
    The upbeat wiseguy kind of spirit. Antsy, edgy, kind of cool yet calm and collected... occasionally. Sylph was as swift as the wind, sharp enough to cut, yet soft enough to soothe.
  • Efreet
    Efreet (Fire Spirit) was strong and noble, yet minimal in speech. He fit the strong silent type well, and felt suited for a campfire-esque song. This composition blooms like the night sky during those warm peaceful nights.
  • Gnome
    Gnomes depiction in Tales of Xillia reminded me of a laid back kind of guy. Someone who wants to relax all day in the breeze and is completely down to Earth.This tune is chilled out for that persona.
  • Undine
    Based on the Water Spirit Undine's illustrations from Tales of Xillia, I wanted to create the feeling of a happy/playful spirit. One that is quick to push buttons until you're ready to chase, or perhaps an eager friend pulling you into adventure. Very childlike in nature, yet nurturing much like the soothing sounds of the ocean.