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About Carabella

I work with what I got.

Assorted Drawing and Paintings

A sampling of other works.

Cross Hatchling

Cross Hatchling is a frame story written and illustrated by me about how familial bonds, memory and truth are transitory things.

Published works and Illustrations

  • Birdie

    Published Brown Mega Corporation Arts Newsletter, # 11 on Dec. 12 20012
  • Napkin Drawing

    Published in Everyday Genius on 9/18/12
  • Animal Hospitality

    Illustration for Timmy Reed's story Animal Hospitality published in LITERARY ANIMALS in Winter of 2012.
  • Portrait of a Virgin Mother

    Illustration for Timmy Reed's story, Portrait of a Virgin Mother published in Smile Hon, You're In Flagrante! in 2/10/10
  • Merwolf

    Published in Artichoke Haircut in the fall of 2012
  • Bioluminescence

    Illustration for Timmy Reeds story Bioluminescence published in the zine Animal Stories fall 2009
  • Man Thought to be Antichrist Actually Just Kind Of Depressed

    Illustration for article in Mugwump Corporation march 2012

    Watercolor illustration for Alisha Kaplan's poem INSIDE ME LIVES A LITTLE GIRL published in Hoot Online july 2012
  • Sunday Morning, Wicklow Town

    An illustrations for Richard Byrn's poem Sunday Morning, Wicklow Town published in the May 2012 issue of the Light Ekphrastic.
  • Angels? No?

    Published in Espresso Inc's 1st Issue.


Here are examples of my street performance, theater, and film

  • Death of the Cock

    This is one of the folktales I choreographed with my hula-hoop. 2007
  • Rooms Play March 2010

    Rooms play is a social experience/experiment that gives the audience an opportunity to be the main character of a confrontational journey. The play consists of a string of intimate performances that occur back to back in a constructed labyrinthian space

    SNELS is a short film I wrote and directed, starring Carabella Sands, Juliana Converse, and Nicholas Rengarts. The plot concerns two mask-wearing adult children who inhabit a world of alleys, where their occupation is to scribble inane and nonsensical graffiti for the general public (who they rarely encounter) to misunderstand. After discovering a firearm, they are given a stern lesson by a tall blonde vamp clad in leather. This results in a newfound acceptance of their lives through doing nothing.

    Birds is a piece of flash fiction, originally published by the Australian journal, Pure Slush, on which Carabella Sands and I collaborated to create a live action/stop-motion animated video and soundtrack for. Here is a link to the published poem And to the video:
  • The Lift

    I played a creepy little vampire in this movie.

A portrait of my Grandparents

This is an installation I did for the Jordan Faye Block Contemporary Gallery for a three day salon show. Here is the accompanying artist statement:

Portrait of My Grandmother

Having children and making a family is the greatest creative act available to us as humans. Beyond creating a family of 5 children and 5 grandchildren, my grandmother had the compulsion to take pictures of every landscape, animal, and person she encountered (occasionally with the threat of destruction of her precious camera.), but mostly she took pictures of her family. My grandmother doesn’t remember taking a single picture and if she lives long enough, she may not remember the family she created.

Portrait of My Grandfather

Granddad also took pictures, too. It was his job when he was a soldier in the WWII, but after the war he only took pictures of my grandmother when she asked him to.

Photographic Evidence

I wanted there to be a part of my family that the viewer could take home with them so I made copies of my grandparents snapshots, bagged, and made carbon copies of my Grandmother handwriting (and sometimes my Grandfather’s chicken scratch) on the packages.

Carabella's Curated Collection

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