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Black-eyed Susan

48" X 18", ink and color on paper

Mountain after Rain

City, Chinese ink, Chinese Painting, Splash ink
Mountain after Rain, 13in x 26in, 2019


City, Chinese ink, Chinese Painting
Cardinal_Snow, 13in x 25.5in, 2019

Seated Cat_No.1

City, Chinese ink, Chinese Painting
Seated Cat_No.1, 12in x 18in, 2019


About Cheng

Baltimore City

Cheng Cao is a Chinese artist working and living in Baltimore.  Where some artists specialize in one genre of traditional Chinese painting, Cao has mastered many genres, including landscape, flower and bird, animals and portraiture. Having spent many years developing his skills and techniques, Cao uses many approaches in his work, such as free-hand and elaborate styles. Cao devotes himself to as many aspects of Chinese art as possible to make him versatile. At the same time of concentrating on... more

2018 Works


This project intend to explore the new subject matters based on my experience in Baltimore. No matter where it is, the city view can be concluded into bunch of elements such as buildings, bridges, churches, temples, ect. With the dramatic changes of weather, season and time, the scenery can be diverse. I want to provide both the diversity and the unification of cities to the viewer.

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