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Melody maker!

Quality of life

As people we are constantly given the opportunity to improve the quality of our lives through simple decisions. We can take responsibility for ourselves how we use materials in our every day life.

  • Wooden Glasses

    Laminated veneer and wood glue goes as far as you let it.
  • Wooden Glasses

    I made these wooden glasses because a pair broke. I made them to fit my face from scrap wood and glue that I borrowed from a friend. I'm not especially interested in eventually being properly trained to make things out of wood. I did alright here, while simply understanding better my relationship to the materiality of daily life.
  • My Bike

    This is for the small community of custom bike makers in Baltimore especially. If you don't know, I hope you get the opportunity to learn the joy of riding a bike. Especially one made clever.

24 Information Library

These were put in place for people to share books and print resources anonymously, for free, and in the interest of generating a discourse outside of private media. Ideally the internet would do this but the until the internet is accessible to everyone, especially those who are affected the most by class struggle, making material always more available has been a personal goal for me.

various puppet prototypes

These are prototypes for puppet-like body extensions for performances. the first a hand makes a appearance in it's 8' version in the 2010 "rooms play" and the tentacles makes an appearance in the 2010 pedestrian service exquisite as part of the trans-modern festival..

  • Tentacle

    Prototype for the 2010 Trans-modern festival "Pastiks" performance
  • Hands

    Prototype made for costumed performance

The First Rooms Play

Rooms play is a format of performance where individuals walk through a series of rooms with a chapter of a book in each, where they are the main character. Making a type of assembly line of intimate situations that all form a narrative provides an experience that is all together transforming and challenging to the expectations we have of everyday. The play itself and its execution form the key difference between collage and montage. With collaboration at the core of the project each performer was given complete creative control and established solid working relationships with the collaborators around them.

  • Rooms Play March 2010

    Rooms play is a social experience/experiment that gives the audience an opportunity to be the main character of a confrontational journey. The play consists of a string of intimate performances that occur back to back in a constructed labyrinthian space

One Play, No Actors

I'm so confident in our ability to find true empathy with one another that I'd guess we can find empathy with machines even. So I'm slowly constructing the members of a drama who are all the least likely characters you could identify with. Gestures and motions of the human body are powerful signifiers.

Machines and their limited, typically repetitive function are like prisoners. forever dooms to service, or decommissioning. It's a sad story, the history of technology. The drama of technology doesn't end either; not until it gets turned off.

  • Laughing/Crying, generally overwhelmed

    Windshield wiper motor from a scrap yard, dress form and pvc pipe works against itself. these are powerful convulsions. The car battery in its hips must be wrestled to turn it off.
  • Run away/to me/somewhere! (nowhere)

    Card board and hosiery, who knew?
  • Falling Forever

    The cloud backdrop is on a roll, constantly ascending. The figure, cardboard and hosiery, falls suspended with a (seven speed) motor driven pulley system.


These are approaches to analog television that I began working on last year.

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