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The Book of Soulspeak Cover.png

The cover of The Book of Soulspeak, written by S.G. Lichtstrahl. Blue, yellow, and red lines streak a white background with black text reading "S.G. Lichtstrahl, The Book of Soulspeak."
The Book of Soulspeak cover, designed by Ewa Budka.


Pages 155 and 156 of The Book of Soulspeak. Illustrations by Abigail Anklam.


A page from The Book of Soulspeak.

pages 147 and 148.png

Pages 147 and 148 of The Book of Soulspeak.


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Baltimore County

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After many years of trial and error, separating gold from glitter, the fruits of my efforts are starting to pay off. Understanding is beginning to take hold. No longer do I chase phantom spirits or seek fool’s gold to avoid suffering. Time and I are intimate partners and melting into the ‘isness’ all around me, leaving me with a quiet sense of purpose. When I breathe here/now and direct my heart to heaven with no regard to yesterday, I live where promise abounds… in the present moment. Albert Einstein... more

The Book of Soulspeak

The Book of Soulspeak is a rich mosaic of stories, tales, and myths, as well as an autobiographical narrative done in storybook format. Purchase available over Amazon.

Designed and illustrated by Abigail Anklam. Cover art by Ewa Budka.

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