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Ethnomusicology & Ambassadorship: A World Fusion of Genres, Families, & Traditions.

"Hip-Hop Ambassador Shodekeh, the fearless local Beatboxer with a mighty mouth and a penchant for COLLABORATION, turns up everywhere these days. At The Creative Allianceâ??s Hip-Hop on the Mountain cross-cultural hoedown in May, he not only accompanied the folky Shapenote Sisters, he also performed with a pair of cloggers from Footworks Dance Company. This summer, heâ??s slated to perform with Marin Alsop and the BSO, and heâ??ll also appear at The Conference on World Affairs at the University of Colorado and The American Dance Festival in North Carolina. Shodekehâ??s adventurous spirit makes Hip-Hop innovators The Roots look timid." - Baltimore Magazine, The Best of Baltimore, 2010 Edition.

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Kinesis: Music For Movement & Dance.

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Museum: Film, Art & Interpretations of the Human Beatbox.

"Shodekeh's rhythmic travels include collaborating with the worlds of the visual arts through musical INTERPRETATIONS for artwork & exhibits at The Baltimore Musuem of Art, The Creative Alliance @ The Patterson (Musical Interpretationist in Residence), Oberlin College, The American Visionary Arts Musuem, The Maryland Institute College of Art, The Walters Art Museum, The Asian Arts & Cultural Center @ Towson University, & The Massachusetts College of Art & Design for an artist residency to take place in Winter 2011." - Towson University Department of Dance: Music Faculty & Accompanist Bio, 2010.

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Embody: A Festival & Series of The Vocal Arts.

VISION STATEMENT - "EMBODY" is a multimedia based festival and series of the vocal arts, dedicated to honoring the many truths, traditions, and techniques of the world's creative, melodic, and amusical voicings. The ongoing mission of our endeavors - To acquaint the globe with the myriad of exceptional oral expressions and capacities that exist and inspire. To bridge the cultural gaps between the planet's abounding vocalic methods and disciplines through curation and collaboration. To explore, research, and develop the neverending potential of our VOCALITY. From the explosive forms of VOCAL PERCUSSION, to the social power of ORATION, to the universal meditations of SONG, "Embody" will strive to bring a magnificent light to the calls, cries, and advances of our voice's spirit." - Dominic Shodekeh Talifero, Founding Director & Artist of "EMBODY", 2010.

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Osmosis: Teaching + Learning the Way of the Human Beatbox.

"LEARNING to beatbox is like learning to cook from your mother. At least, that is what beatboxer/modern dance accompanist Dominic â??Shodekehâ? Talifero would like you to believe.

â??You donâ??t study under a master beatboxer if you want to learn to beatbox,â? Shodekeh says. â??The culture isnâ??t like that. You learn from hanging out with your friends and being around [beatboxing].â?

Shodekeh describes the vocal form as being raw, organic and born out of necessity. In many cases, including his own, he says, beatboxers begin experimenting vocally because they cannot afford a drum set.

But why turn to beatboxing? Why not try banging on a trash can?

â??I had always been good at impressions, voices and emulations,â? Shodekeh says. â??I guess I got started out making machine-gun noises, playing with my Transformers as a kid.â?

As he grew up, Shodekeh was indirectly influenced by Doug E. Fresh and by Darren Robertson, a.k.a. Buffy the Human Beatbox. In high school Shodekeh listened to Scratch from the Roots and developed an interest in mimicking the turntable with his own vocal percussion.

It was not until his Fall 1997 college education at Penn Stateâ??s Beaver Campus (Monaca, PA) that Shodekeh became a big practitioner of beatboxing. If you want to learn to beatbox, however, just hang out in hip hopâ??s kitchen." - Alyssa Schoeneman, "The 217" @ The University of Illinois, 2009.

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Xöömei: Traditional Tuvan Throat Singing & The Human Beatbox.

Mi(cism) Sponsored Artist Profile: SHODEKEH -


Beatboxing since: 1987.

GIGGING since: 1997.

Performed with: Caleb Stine & The Brakemen, Poetry For The People of Baltimore & Larynx (Human Beatbox Crew).

Collaborated with: Audrey Chen, Blues Works, Masai Electro & Linda Denise Fisher-Harrell.

Opened Up For: Bill Clinton (in collaboration with The Coppin State University Choir), Mos Def & Chris Brown.

Further comments: This Mic(ism) sponsored Beatboxer possesses a keen sense of adaptability, allowing him to work with a variety of forms & artists, such as Towson University Ballet Classes, KRS-ONE, Throat Singer Fuyuki Yamakawa, Bassist Paul Langosch (The Tony Bennet Band) & The American Visionary Arts Museum. - Mic(ism) Sponsored Artist Profile Bio, 2010.

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Coda: Classical Fusions of Beatboxing in the 21st Century.

Jazz Age: A Non-Linear Tribute Through Beatboxing.

"Baltimore's PREMIER practictioner of the art of The Human Beatbox (Also known as The 5th Element of Hip Hop along with MCing, DJing, Graffiti Art, & Breaking), Shodekeh, will be here at 1:30pm today. If you're wondering what I'm talking about, check out for some background on beatboxing. Shodekeh has a page on there here that will tell you more about him. And check out his myspace page, as well, for some live videos, including one performing with KRS-1, and a piece on Shodekeh done by WYPR's own Aaron Henkin for The Signal." - The Marc Steiner Show, 2007.

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Biomusicology: The Scientific Explorations & Research of the Human Beatbox.

ALGO-RHYTHMS (Al-gah-ri-thems): Noun. A series of highly effective & creative research methods/applications adapted to locate and expand upon the rhythmic, harmonic, and musical qualities within all branches of the known Sciences.

Fields of Science / Area's of Study within ALGO-RHYTHMS:

1.) Idea Chemistry.

2.) Music Calculus.

3.) Turntable Physics.

4.) Art Engineering.

5.) Song Biology.

- "The EMBODY Encyclopedia of Vocal Artistry, 2011 Edition."

"When talking about his craft he sounds a bit like My Fair Ladyâ??s Henry Higgins, discussing syllable counts, intonation, & the difference between hard & soft palates with SCIENTIFIC PRECISION."

"Shodekeh wants to explore the BIOLOGY & ANATOMY behind Beatboxing, in the hopes that he can pass his knowledge on..."

- Jessica Bowers, The City Paper, 2006.

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PHILOSOPHY Songs & Rhythm LOGIC / POLYMATICS: Muses, Abstracts, & IDEAS

POLYMATIC - (Pol-ee-ma-tik). Adjective. Multi-Willing.

POLYMATICS - (Pol-ee-ma-tiks). Noun (used with a singular verb). The philosophical study, essence, & existential practice of universal VOLITION.

Branches of Philosophy / Area's of study within POLYMATICS:

1.) Thought Jazz.

2.) Existential Rock.

3.) Experimental Metaphysics.

4.) Graffiti Politics.

5.) Classical Ethics.

- "The EMBODY Encyclopedia of Vocal Artistry, 2011 Edition."

"In his own work, Shodekeh does not use any formal notation system, but he does point out how alphabet notation combined with some algebraic rules could convey IDEAS fairly efficiently. He does have pieces, in a sense, or perhaps what might be better characterized as cadenzas that he has composed and perfected structurally and can mix into a live performance, but plenty of room remains in his sets for improvisation and that's a vital part of the EQUATION in his mind. He explains that the approach "allows for a moment to really, truly exist. It's just like a jazz concert. You have the springboard that's written but you don't know what's going to happen in the middle, and that's the beauty of it." - Molly Sheridan, "New Music Box" - American Music Center, 2010.

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