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Antiklaus (Director, Production Manager, Set Designer

Directed Antiklaus a I perverse Christmas farce written by Alex Hacker

Sarah Lamar as Mary
Scott Burke as William
Ann Tabor as Billy
Nicolette LeFaye as Klaus

Score by Elijah Forrest and Sean Seaton
Lighting Design by Mia Giles

"Come for the demonic possession, stay for the incest!" -Nicolette Le Faye
"Dynamic,"sexy," "best show of 2015'"- Dan Van Allen

Worms (Director, Co-writer, Performer)

A short play about a worm twin that is torn apart by a capricious young girl.
Written with Kate Hardwicke

Sarah Jacklin as Left
Kate Hardwicke as Right
Madison Coan as Girl

Various Experimental Ensemble Work

Performance work devised and produced under the directions of Annex Theater and Psychic Readings circa 2015

Acting Work

Acting work under direction at Annex, EMP, Rapid Lemon, and Psychic Readings.


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Sarah Jacklin is a visual and theater artist, actor, writer, and director. She's a company member of The Annex Theater, and had recently collaborated to complete theater experiences at EMP Collective and Psychic Readings Company. The theater ought to feel dangerous. As a performer and director, Sarah... more

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