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Mending with Granny

mending with granny
This illustration was created for Taproot Magazine in 2016 as a coloring page. After publication, I used gouache and ink to "color" my own version. It was really great to see how different readers of the magazine colored their copies.

Screenprinted Linens

screenprinted linens
I like to find linens at thrift shops with beautiful embroidery and give them new life by screenprinting my art onto them. This work is definitely a learning curve. When I first started printing on textiles, I didn't pay much attention to the era in which the linen was made. I've learned that sometimes less is more. A simple screenprint can speak more than a complex one, and the relationship between screenprint and embroidery is really important. I want my work to enhance, not take away from, the existing craftsmanship.

Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses
This is one illustration of many from my 2016 dollhouse crankie. The woman is painted with gouache and is sitting in a 3D dollhouse room with reupholstered furniture and hand-painted walls.


This is an illustration from my children's book, The ABCs of Homesteading. I created screenprints of each page and then hand-painted into them on birchwood panels. I love representing motherhood in an empowering, nostalgic way.


About McKenzie

Baltimore County

McKenzie Elizabeth is a self taught artist and photographer living and working in Baltimore County. In 2013 she started a small illustration business, taking family portrait commissions from clients around the globe. In 2015 she published her first children’s book called “The ABCs of Homesteading.” McKenzie runs an online shop selling art prints, original paintings, and screenprinted linens. She also sells her work out of local shops like Trohv and at annual markets such as Bazaart and Holiday Heap.... more

The Dollhouse

The Dollhouse was created for the 2016 Annual Creative Alliance Crankie Festival. It is an elaboration of my own childhood dollhouse. With this project, I wanted to illustrate home and family through the eyes of a young person. It was important to me that each room represent something whimsical or something sad, something a little controversial or something about home life that needs acceptance and love.

The ABCs of Homesteading

This book was made for homesteady grownups and wild, egg-gathering children.

For the first half of my twenties, I raised sheep, alpacas, chickens, and honeybees- along with too many weeds! While homesteading, I spent my days shearing and spinning, pickling and preserving. It was a beautiful, hard, rewarding life that made a huge impact on my illustrations. After moving to Baltimore, I was inspired to honor the farming chapter of my life with twenty-six beautiful and honest homesteading scenarios- one for each letter of the alphabet.

Through The ABCs of Homesteading, the heart bursting joys and heartbreaking realities of homesteading come to life beautifully and honestly.

The process of creating this book is near and dear to my heart. In August 2015 I launched a pre-order campaign that was grew internationally. I was able to invest in self publishing and printing this book at a local, wind powered printer here in Maryland. It was bound at a small-scale bindery just half an hour from my house. I screenprinted the cover by hand in my kitchen.

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